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Inorganic Chemistry Division (II)

Interdivisional Subcommittee on
Materials Chemistry

Chairman: Prof. John Corish
Vice-Chairman: Prof. Anthony R. West
Secretary: Prof. Alan V. Chadwick

List of Members

Current Projects
2005-001-1-200 - Towards defining materials chemistry
> link to all

> Roundups from Beijing (CI Jan 2006)

Subcommittee's Aims
The Interdivisional Subcommittee on Materials Chemistry will foster, manage, and monitor projects and other IUPAC activities in Materials Chemistry and Materials Science. It will lead and coordinate all the Union's activities in Materials Chemistry and serve as a focus for such activities including Conferences and Workshops and for interaction with relevant external bodies. It will implement new activities to develop and strengthen the Union in the materials area.


Interested in hosting
WAM IV in 2008?
Contact the Chairman

Recent workshops/conferences

Workshop on Advanced Materials
- WAM III, 5-9 September 2005
- WAM II, 13-16 February 2002
- WAM I, 14-18 July 1999 (IUPAC 1st Workshop on Advanced Materials)

International Conference on High Temperature Materials Chemistry (HTMC)
- HTMC XII, 18-22 September 2006
- HTMC XI, 19-23 May 2003
- HTMC X, 10-14 April 2000


Meeting Minutes and other reports

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