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 Chemistry and the Environment Division (VI)

Commission on Agrochemicals and the Environment

Report on IUPAC TACTRI/COA International Workshop on Pesticides 2000: Regulation, Monitoring, and Evaluation
3-6 October 2000, Taichung, Taiwan

> Originating project

This workshop drew more than 250 participants from 25 countries. Attendees included members of key national research institutes and regulatory agencies, international advisory bodies, agricultural universities, and agrochemical manufacturers. The workshop was planned by the IUPAC Commission on Agrochemicals and the Environment (VI.4) and coorganized by the Taiwan Agricultural Chemicals and Toxic Substances Research Institute (TACTRI) and the Taiwan Council of Agriculture (COA).

Workshop announcement

In addition to sponsorship from IUPAC, TACTRI, and COA, funding was also provided by the Agrochemical Association of Taiwan (AAT). The program for the meeting, which included 26 lectures, 40 posters, and discussion sessions, focused on 3 major topics: pesticide regulation, residue analysis and monitoring, and risk assessment and management. Countries within the Asia-Pacific area participating in the conference face significant challenges in implementing and refining science-based regulatory systems supporting evaluation and safe use of agro-chemicals.

Participants at the IUPAC-TACTRI/COA International Worskop on Pesticides 2000


The workshop was held at this critical time to highlight international efforts and harmonized approaches being promoted by IUPAC and other international advisory bodies and also to foster dialogue between the key stake-holders within agriculture, government, and the agro-chemical industry on future directions. In addition to providing a venue for presentation of the results and recommendations of several recently completed IUPAC projects, several areas of deficiency regarding methodologies were identified as the basis for future project proposals within the Division of Chemistry and the Environment (VI). Conference papers were published in a book of proceedings, and are available electronically at the TACTRI web site: http://www.tactri.gov.tw/.
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> Report published in Chem. Int. 23(2), 2001

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