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 Chemistry and the Human Health Division (VII)

Subcommittee on
Medicinal Chemistry and Drug Development

> Subcommittee Members
> former Membership (2002-2003; 2000-2001)

> Current Projects (Division listing)

Recent Reports and other Publications

> Practical studies for Medicinal Chemistry - An integrating approach for developing countries (release Dec 2006)

> Division VII publications

> Minutes of Meetings

    Meeting of the SC in Rio De Janiero, 13 Feb 2005:
    standing, from the left: Jörg Senn-Bilfinger, John Proudfoot, Janos Fischer, Mukund Chorghade, Eliezer J. Barreiro, Antonio Monge Vega, and Eli Breuer;
    sitting: Paul W. Erhardt and Robin Ganellin.


    The Medicinal Chemistry Section was discontinued in December 2001. The work of the Chemistry and the Human Health Division is now organized as projects.

    The interests of medicinal chemists continue to be coordinated in the form of the Subcommittee Medicinal Chemistry and Drug Development.


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