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Press Release, 2 November 99


IUPAC Reduces Subscription Prices for its Publications

In a world where the cost of subscribing to any learned journal tends to increase year after year, the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC) is proud to announce that the cost of a one-year subscription to Pure and Applied Chemistry in 2000 remains the same as it was in 1999. Not only will there be no price increase; in addition, a new price-cutting option has been introduced. If a subscriber agrees to a three-year subscription, the cost will be fixed at USD 999 per year for three years (down from the 1999 price of USD 1 166). Payment will be made annually.

John Jost, Executive Director of IUPAC said "Every year, publishers increase their subscription prices, and every year libraries cancel more journals. We aim to break this vicious circle in the case of Pure and Applied Chemistry. By self-publishing from January 2000, we expect to make substantial cost savings, which we will use to reduce subscription prices in real terms and to improve the quality of our publications. Moreover, we are now in control of our own destiny with regard to electronic publishing."

IUPAC serves as a scientific, international, nongovernmental, objective body in addressing the global issues involving the chemical sciences.

About IUPAC Publications
Pure and Applied Chemistry is the journal of record of the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry. Recommendations and reports from IUPAC Commissions are published in the journal. In addition, the journal publishes the plenary lectures of IUPAC-sponsored conferences in all major fields of chemistry. The subscription rates for the IUPAC News Magazine Chemistry International have also been decreased by 10-20%. Chemistry International contains not only news of IUPAC activities but also information of interest to the worldwide chemistry community.


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