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News & Notices

ICSU Grants Program 2005
call for applications
IUPAC Internal Deadline 1 Feb 2004

Two years ago ICSU restructured its grants program to provide a smaller number of larger-size grants, each of which MUST result from a joint proposal by AT LEAST TWO AND PREFERABLY MORE ICSU bodies. ICSU has identified particular priority themes, as described in the attachments. Some are particularly relevant to certain IUPAC programs [education, sustainable development].

If you contemplate applying for a grant, please contact your counterparts in other Scientific Unions, national members of ICSU, or ICSU bodies [e.g., CODATA, SCOPE] as early as possible in order to develop a strong application.

IUPAC is limited to submitting two applications for the small grant program [up to $50,000] and two for the large grant program [$50,000 to $100,000] but may also support applications from other Unions. Applications and supporting statements must be submitted by the IUPAC Secretariat, not by any individual or IUPAC body. Please communicate with the Secretariat as early as possible if you anticipate submitting a proposal. Draft applications must be submitted to the IUPAC Secretariat by FEBRUARY 1, 2004 so there is time for the Secretary General to evaluate their merits, consult with the Project Committee if necessary, and decide which applications should be submitted and/or supported by IUPAC before the ICSU deadline.

To obtain further details about the ICSU grants program, e-mail: [email protected] and visit the ICSU web site www.icsu.org.


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