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IUPAC Funds Three Conferences to be Held in 2004 in Developing and Disadvantaged Countries

As part of its ongoing commitment to support chemistry and chemistry education in developing and economically disadvantaged countries, IUPAC recently approved funding for three innovative and compelling conferences:

  • International Conference on Biodiversity and Natural Products, 26-31 January 2004, New Dehli, India
  • International Symposium on Chemistry and Biological Chemistry of Vanadium, 3-5 September 2004, Szeged, Hungary
  • Chemical Sciences in Changing Times: Visions, Challenges, and Solutions, 18-24 July 2004, Belgrade, Yugoslavia

The IUPAC program of support for conferences was first implemented in 2000, but was revised earlier this year to enlarge its scope and to favor innovative topics. For more details on the current program, see the secretary general's column in the March-April 2003 issue of CI, or <www.iupac.org/symposia/support.html>.

The International Conference on Biodiversity and Natural Products will be the first joint meeting of the International Conference on Biodiversity and the International Symposium on the Chemistry of Natural Products. Leading researchers from all over the world will discuss present and future needs for mutually advantageous international cooperation in the appropriate, sustainable, and innovative utilization of bio-resources. Significant interest had been expressed in combining, in India ,the more recent conference series on biodiversity with the long-standing IUPAC-sponsored conference on natural products.

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The 4th International Symposium on Chemistry and Biological Chemistry of Vanadium, a relatively new symposium series comes back to Europe for its fourth year. The list of plenary lecturers is representative of the international diversity of the symposium, and tentatively includes V. Pecoraro (USA), A. Butler (USA), T. Hirao (Japan), D. Garner (UK), K. Wieghardt (Germany), D. Rehder (Germany), H. Sakurai (Japan), Y. Shechter (Israel), V. Conte (Italy), R. Wever (Netherlands), and R. Eady (UK). The symposium will cover the biological aspects of vanadium chemistry, the inorganic chemistry of vanadium, and vanadium chemistry in catalysis and organic synthesis.

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Nearly 600 participants are expected at the 4th International Conference of the Chemical Societies of the South-Eastern European Countries on Chemical Sciences in Changing Times: Visions, Challenges, and Solutions. This conference will address issues related to chemistry education and will commemorate the 150th anniversary of chemical education in Serbia. The scope of the conference will be general and will include a focus on advanced materials and life sciences.

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[Announcement published in Chem Int July 2003 issue]

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