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IUPAC Poster Prizes Established

For Immediate Release, 20 June 2004

The International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry has established the IUPAC Poster Prizes to recognize outstanding poster presentations at IUPAC Congresses and Division-sponsored conferences where poster sessions are held. On request of a National Adhering Organization, they may also be awarded at a single chosen national conference each year. This program was approved at the Executive Committee Meeting in Bangalore, India in April 2004. Typically, two prizes will be awarded, although some conferences may award up to three prizes. The conference organizers will oversee the selection of the prizewinners. The winners of the IUPAC Poster Prizes will be given a certificate signed by the IUPAC President, a copy of the Compendium of Chemical Terminology, and two years' subscription to Chemistry International.


  1. Prizes will be awarded at all IUPAC Congresses and Division sponsored meetings where poster sessions are held.
  2. Prizes will be awarded at national meetings if requested. Not more than one meeting per country a year will apply, and that meeting should be selected by the relevant NAO.
  3. In all cases except IUPAC Congresses, there will be normally two, but a maximum of three prizes per conference.
  4. Selection of prizewinners is in the control of the conference organizers.
  5. Each prize will consist of (i) a certificate signed by the President (ii) a copy of the Gold Book (iii) two years’ subscription to Chemistry International.

National Adhering Organizations are asked to inform their national chemical societies of this program and to inform the Secretariat of any plans to award IUPAC Poster Prizes at a national meeting. Likewise, Division Committees are asked to inform the organizers of meetings sponsored by their Divisions of this opportunity.


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