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News & Notices

Minutes of 86th Meeting of Bureau
Istanbul, Turkey, 29 March 2008

<download the 86th Bureau minutes - pdf file 102KB>


1. Introductory Remarks and Finalization of Agenda
2. Minutes of 84th and 85th Meetings of Bureau

2.1 Matters Arising from Minutes (not covered by Items on Agenda)

3. Minutes of 136th Meeting of Executive Committee

3.1 Receipt of Minutes by Bureau
3.2 Highlights and questions about items not on Bureau Agenda

4. Action Items from Previous Meetings
5. Receipt of Progess Reports from Divisions and Standing Committees
6. Items from Meeting of Division Presidents
7. Task Force to Revise Statutes and Bylaws
8. International Year Of Chemistry

8.1 Designation by the United Nations
8.2 Management and Planning

9. IUPAC Sponsorship of the Malta Conferences
10. Future General Assemblies And Congresses

10.1 45th General Assembly and 42nd Congress (Glasgow, 2009)
10.2 46th General Assembly and 43rd Congress (San Juan, 2011)

11. Financial Matters

11.1 Report of Treasurer
11.2 Report of Finance Committee
11.3 Statement of Accounts for 2007
11.4 Review of Budgets for 2008-9
11.5 NAO and ANAO Payment Status
11.6 Strategic Opportunities Fund Discretionary Allocation
11.7 Raising Additional Funds for IUPAC

12. Publications

12.1 Status Report on Pure and Applied Chemistry
12.2 Status Report on Chemistry International
12.3 Book Publication and Book Sales

13. Current Projects

13.1 Report from Project Committee
13.2 Project Commitments and Expense, Project Approvals

14. Report from Evaluation Committee
15. Discovery and Naming of New Elements
16. Fellows and Affiliate Membership Programs
17. Status Report on IUPAC Secretariat
18. IUPAC Web Site and Other Publicity about the Union
19. IUPAC Prizes for Young Scientists 2008
20. Conferences and Symposia

20.1 Support for Conferences in Scientifically Emerging Regions and Conferences on New Directions in Chemistry
20.2 Ratification of Sponsorship of Symposia

21. Dates and Place of Next Bureau Meeting
22. Any Other Business

Attendees: Prof. J-I. Jin, Chair, Prof. D. StC. Black, Dr. M. C. Cesa, Prof. S. Chandrasekaran, Prof. J. Corish, Dr. A. Fajgelj, Prof. B. R. Henry, Prof. R. S. Lamba, Dr. A. Kallner, Prof. W. Klein, Prof. P. G. Mahaffy, Dr. G. P. Moss, Prof. N. J. Moreau, Prof. C. K. Ober, Prof. S. Penczek, Prof. E. Reichmanis, Prof. M. J. Rossi, Prof. N. Senesi, Dr. A. Smith, Prof. L. K. Sydnes, Prof. N. P. Tarasova, Prof. K. Tatsumi, Prof. D. M. Templeton, Prof. P. R. Tundo
Absent: Prof. C. Bai, Prof. M. C. E. van Dam-Mieras
Guests: Prof. J. Bull, Dr. J. M. Malin, Dr. F. Meyers, Prof. H. K. J. Powell, Prof. R. D. Weir
Secretary: Dr. J. W. Jost, Executive Director

<download the 86th Bureau minutes - pdf file 102KB>

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