e-news, 5 December 2000
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After compiling the contents of this e-news, I was surprised by the
number of items under 'Recent publications'. Publications are one of the
most important, if not the most important, products of IUPAC. We all
believe that if it is published, it is archived, and somehow it will
be found. How well this dissemination works is another question. With
the internet, and especially in the case of books, it is becoming easier
to find references, even without the special search facilities available
only in libraries. As an example, have you tried searching sites such as
Amazon.com for scientific books? I recently did, and it led me to
undertake a major records update with that vendor. I am currently
working with them to make sure that IUPAC titles are properly available
and presented with summary and contents.
Interestingly, I learned that the rating Amazon.com gives a book is also
based on reviews provided by readers. In other words, to improve the
ratings of IUPAC books, I would like to invite you to visit amazon.com
<http://www.amazon.com>, look for the IUPAC title(s) you are most
familiar with, and submit your own review on-line. This will help that
book to be listed higher in the search results from a general query.
This will also help potential buyers decide if this is the book they


In this issue:
~ Shortcut to News & Notices from IUPAC
~ Recent publications
~ Online reports & recommendations
~ New pages on iupac.org
~ Beakers & Flasks


- - - - - -- SHORTCUT to NEWS & NOTICES from IUPAC -- - - - - -

* IUPAC: A Glorious Past, Productive Present and Bright Future
Mukund S. Chorghade, Edwin D. Becker, John W. Jost, Edwin P.
Przybylowicz, and Cynthia Friend report on the status of the Union for
the Northeastern Section of the American Chemical Society - reprint
from the October 2000 issue of The Nucleus.

* Strategy for educational policy - Consideration of the ESDC report
A small working group, headed by IUPAC Past President Prof. Joshua
Jortner, is to evaluate the ESDC recommendations and to determine how
they can best be implemented. Help and advice on how the recommendations
can best be implemented will be requested from National Adhering
Organizations, national chemical societies, and other relevant
Report and Background information available


- - - - - -- RECENT PUBLICATIONS -- - - - - -

* Green chemistry
A Special Topic Issue of Pure and Applied Chemistry represents a
collection of expert reviews on aspects of the topic of 'Green
Chemistry', with by an introductory overview of the evolution of
the project, its rationale, and its interfaces with complementary
initiatives and organizations.
Foreword, J. Miyamoto and T. Norin; Preface, J. R. Bull; Introductory
Overview, P. Tundo*, P. Anastas, D.StC. Black*, J. Breen, T. Collins, S.
Memoli*, J. Miyamoto, M. Polyakoff, and W. Tumas; *Symposium-in-print

* Principles and Practice of Method Validation
Fajgelj, A. and Ambrus, A. (eds), The Royal Society of Chemistry, 2000

* Equations of State for Fluids and Fluid Mixtures
Experimental Thermodynamics Vol. V; Sengers, J.V., Kayser, R.F., Peters,
C.J.and White Jr., H.J. (eds), Elsevier, 2000

* Rheology of Polymer Systems
Macromolecular Symposia Vol. 158, Aug. 2000, J. Kahovec (ed.)

* Ionic Polymerization
Macromolecular Symposia Vol. 157, Jul. 2000, S. Kobayashi (ed.)

* Macromolecule-Metal Complexes
Macromolecular Symposia Vol. 156, Jul. 2000, E. Tsuchida (ed.)


- - - - - -- ONLINE REPORTS & RECOMMENDATIONS -- - - - - -

While most recent reports and recommendations published in Pure and
Applied Chemistry
are available as pdf files, some have been coded as
html for enhanced navigation.

* Glossary of Terms Used in Theoretical Organic Chemistry
IUPAC Recommendations 1999 prepared for publication by V.I. Minkin, Pure
Appl. Chem.
, 71(10), pp. 1919-1981, 1999

* Glossary of Terms Used in Combinatorial Chemistry
Technical Report prepared for publication by D. Maclean, J.J. Baldwin,
V.T. Ivanov, Y. Kato, A. Shaw, P. Schneider, and E.M. Gordon, Pure Appl.
, 71(12), pp. 2349-2365, 1999

* Nomenclature of Phosphorus-Containing Compounds of Biochemical
A web version of the IUPAC-IUB Nomenclature prepared by Gerry Moss


- - - - - -- NEW PAGES on IUPAC.ORG -- - - - - -

* Search the site
The implementation of the search engine has been improved. It is now
possible to search restricted areas, such as projects, or the Gold book.

* Workshops calendar
IUPAC Workshops, organized as part of IUPAC Projects are listed as
future event on the front page of the Symposia and Conferences page
In addition, a permanent Workshop calendar is now available. If you know
of an event which should be listed in that calendar, please forward
related information with corresponding project number.


- - - - - -- BEAKERS & FLASKS -- - - - - -

* Chemical safety - news from COCI
** A workshop on Safety in Chemical Production is planned for 30 Jul -
4 Aug 2001.
** Fellow of the IUPAC-UNESCO-UNIDO Program for Safety and Environmental
Protection in Chemical, Biotechnological and Pharmaceutical Production
reports on her visit to BP AMOCO.

* Conferences Calendar Poster
Subscribers of Chemistry International may have wondered if they would
receive this year, just like last year, the IUPAC-sponsored conferences
calendar. The 2001 calendar is now available and will be mailed as an
insert to the January 2001 issue of CI.

* Electrochemistry and Interfacial Chemistry in Environmental Clean-up
and Green Chemical Processes
A workshop is planned in Coimbra, Portugal, on 6-7 Apr 2001

* SACI Search Box
The South African Chemical Institute, SACI, has implemented a new search
engine on their website. Access to the SACI site is from the African
Association of Pure and Applied Chemistry page


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