e-news, 2 July 2003
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Here we are again - one cycle of IUPAC's life is wrapping up around the
coming IUPAC biennial General Assembly/Congress in Ottawa. In a few
weeks IUPACers (members, officers - you name it) will participate in a
round of committee or task group meetings. It will be a time for
assessment and review of the changes initiated and implemented in recent
years, but also for planning for future activities.
The incentive to share and keep up-to-date information is pretty high
right now, but if 'out there', on the IUPAC Web site, a page needs
corrections or revisions, please let's me know! And remember, the
accuracy of the site will always rely on its visitors -you- to comment
and let us know what needs attention.
Visit <http://www.iupac.org>
Any suggestions are always appreciated.

In this issue:
~ Shortcut to News & Notices from IUPAC
~ Recent publications
~ Recent IUPAC reports & recommendations
~ Provisional recommendations
~ New pages on iupac.org
~ Projects front
~ IUPAC-sponsored events
~ Beakers & Flasks


- - - - - -- SHORTCUT to NEWS & NOTICES from IUPAC -- - - - - -

* Information on the 42nd General Assembly, including schedule and
Council Agenda

Early events include:
- Registration, beginning on Friday 8 Aug, 14:00 in the so-called
'Terminus' area on the 2nd floor of the University Centre Building
(located at 85 University Street; the University Centre Building is
adjacent to the Lamoureux).
Your registration materials will include your name badge and the GA
schedule with room allocation.
- President's Address and Members Reception, Saturday 9 August, at
19:00, in the Alumni Auditorium in the University Centre Building.

* Minutes of the 130th Meeting of Executive Committee, Bergen, Norway,
5-6 April 2003

* Policy Statements from the Finance Committee

* Report of IUPAC Activities 2002

* IUPAC Funds Three Conferences to be Held in 2004 in Developing and
Disadvantaged Countries



- - - - - -- RECENT PUBLICATIONS -- - - - - -

* Organometallic Chemistry
At the XXth International Conference on Organometallic Chemistry (Corfu,
Greece, 7-12 July 2002), chemists approaching organometallic chemistry
from all branches of chemistry emerged from all over the world to tell
and listen to interesting stories. The present volume contains the six
plenary lectures of the conference. The reader will benefit from these
articles written by prominent scientists on subjects such as the
synthesis of organometallic compounds remarkable for their structure,
useful for clarifying theoretical matters, or for their use as
"functional compounds".
Pure Appl. Chem. 75(4), pp. 421-494, 2003
Conference Editor, Constantinos G.Screttas

* Physical Organic Chemistry
For more than 30 years, IUPAC has sponsored a biennial international
conference on physical organic chemistry. In August 2002, it was held on
the campus of the University of California at San Diego, La Jolla,
California, USA. Participants came from a total of 30 different
countries. A sampling of the plenary lectures is included in this PAC
volume. The topics presented at the five-day meeting illustrate the
diversity of modern research in structural and mechanistic chemistry,
with particular emphasis on understanding chemical reactivity, inter
molecular recognition, supramolecular chemistry, biological systems, and
Pure Appl. Chem. 75(5), pp. 541-630, 2003
Conference editor, Charles L. Perrin

* Biodiversity - Biomolecular Aspects of Biodiversity and Innovative

This book discusses the value of bioresources and the need for their
conservation in terms of the biomolecular chemistry of naturally
occurring molecular systems. The development of pharmaceutical,
agricultural and industrial products from bioresources can be used to
promote incentives for conservation by providing an economic return to
sustainable use of those sources.
Edited by Bilge Sener
Kluwer Academic/Plenum Publishers, New York, 2002



* Critical evaluation of stability constants for alpha-hydroxycarboxylic
acid complexes with protons and metal ions and the accompanying enthalpy
changes. Part II. Aliphatic 2-hydroxycarboxylic acids (IUPAC Technical
Report), by R. Portanova, L. H. J. Lajunen, M. Tolazzi1, and J. Piispanen
Pure Appl. Chem. 75(4), pp. 495-540, 2003

* Endocrine disruptors in the environment (IUPAC Technical Report), by
J. Lintelmann1, A. Katayama, N. Kurihara, L. Shore, and A. Wenzel
Pure Appl. Chem. 75(5), pp. 631-681, 2003

* Atomic weights of the elements. Review 2000 (IUPAC Technical Report),
by J. R. de Laeter, J. K. Böhlke, P. De Bièvre, H. Hidaka, H. S. Peiser,
K. J. R. Rosman, and P. D. P. Taylor
Pure Appl. Chem. 75(6), pp. 683-799, 2003

* Critical review of analytical applications of Mössbauer spectroscopy
illustrated by mineralogical and geological examples (IUPAC Technical
Report), by E. Kuzmann, S. Nagy, and A. Vértes
Pure Appl. Chem. 75(6), pp. 801-858, 2003


- - - - - -- PROVISIONAL RECOMMENDATIONS -- - - - - -

Provisional recommendations are drafts of IUPAC recommendations on
terminology, nomenclature, and symbols made widely available to allow
interested parties to comment before the recommendations are finally
revised and published in PAC.
~ IUPAC seeks YOUR comments on the following:

* Definitions of Terms Relating To Reactions of Polymers and to
Functional Polymeric Materials

Comments by 31 July 2003

* Glossary for Toxicokinetics of Chemicals
Comments by 30 September 2003


- - - - - -- NEW PAGES on IUPAC.ORG -- - - - - -

* Pure and Applied Chemistry
Online contents of 75(4), (5), and (6) 2003

* Chemistry International
July-August 2003 online issue
~ It is time to improve IUPAC's communications by Leiv Sydnes
~ Camptothecin and Taxol - the story behind the science by Nicholas H.
~ Striving for Open Access by Wendy Warr
~ News, Projects, Publications, etc.
and from the cover ... see "Chemistry in a Flask"

* Chemical Education International
Vol 4, 2003
~ Message from Nobel Laureates to Young People (4).
Professor Jean-Marie Lehn, 1987 Nobel Prize in Chemistry,
interviewed by Y. Takeuchi and M.M. Ito
~ Chemistry is (almost) everywhere and in everything, by Arnon Shani


- - - - - -- PROJECTS FRONT -- - - - - -


> Projects information
Everything (and more) that you need to know about the project system is
there ...
- Guidelines for IUPAC Projects
- FAQs on Project submission and approval process
- Project Submission Form and Guidelines for Completion
- Advice for Project Reviewers (revised Jan. 2003)
- Project Review Procedure (revised Jan. 2003)
- Information for Task Group Chairmen (revised May 2002)
In addition, an annotated proposal was prepared by the Analytical
Chemistry Division as example.

> Recently initiated projects
~ Definitions of terms relating to crystalline polymers, by G. Allegra
~ Fundamental toxicology for chemists, by J.H. Duffus
~ Definitions and fields of application of the terms robust and rugged
and the characteristics or qualities of robustness and ruggedness in
analytical chemistry, by Duncan Thorburn Burns
~ Organisation of Clearing House for the translation, publication, and
dissemination of the IUPAC-sources materials and ideas in chemical
education in Russia and CIS, by Elena S. Gryzlova
~ NMR chemical shifts: updated conventions, by Robin K. Harris


- - - - - -- IUPAC-SPONSORED EVENTS -- - - - - -


> Recently Sponsored Symposia and Conferences
~ Photochemistry, 17-22 July 2004
~ Coordination and Organometallic Chemistry of Germanium, Tin, and Lead,
27 June - 2 July 2004
~ Physical Organic Chemistry (ICPOC-17), 15-20 Aug 2004
~ Polymer Characterization (POLYCHAR 12), 6-9 Jan 2004

If you plan to organize a conference or symposium in 2004, it might not
be too soon to find out what it takes to make this event
IUPAC-sponsored. For more information, see

Also, since there are 2 new programs to support conferences in New
Directions in Chemistry and Conferences in Developing and Economically
Disadvantaged Countries, check the following ...
Application for support must be initiated by an IUPAC Division or
Standing Committee; suggestions should be directed to the relevant Officer.


- - - - - -- BEAKERS & FLASKS -- - - - - -

Two performances of the play by Carl Djerassi and Roald Hoffmann will be
staged during the IUPAC GA/Congress in Ottawa, on Monday & Tuesday
August 11 and 12, 2003.

* IUPAC Prize for Young Chemists - 2004 Solicitation
The IUPAC Prize for Young Chemists has been established to encourage
outstanding young research scientists at the beginning of their careers.
The prize will be given for the most outstanding Ph.D. thesis in the
general area of the chemical sciences, as described in a 1000-word essay.
Next Deadline: February 1, 2004 - for entrants that receive their Ph.D.
(or equivalent) degree during the calendar year 2003.

* NSF calls for reviewers
The Division of Chemistry of the U.S. National Science Foundation (NSF)
is increasing its pool of reviewers and has asked IUPAC to tell chemists
worldwide that well qualified reviewers for its grant applications are
needed. Interested scientists who have not previously served as NSF
reviewers should visit the NSF website at

Fabienne Meyers
email: <[email protected]>

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