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- - - - - -- SHORTCUT to NEWS & NOTICES from IUPAC -- - - - - -

* New IUPAC Officers
On 1 January 2004, Leiv K. Sydnes, Professor of Chemistry at the
University of Bergen, Norway, assumed the presidency of IUPAC - the
International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry. Also on 1 January,
Bryan Henry, Professor of Chemistry at the University of Guelph, Canada,
became Vice-President and President-elect, while David StClair Black,
Professor of Chemistry at the University of New South Wales, Australia,
assumed the position of Secretary General.

* ICSU Grants Program 2005 - call for applications

* Minutes of the 78th and 79th Bureau, 13-14 August 2003, Ottawa, Canada

* Minutes of 42nd IUPAC Council, 16-17 August 2003, Ottawa, Canada

- - - - - -- RECENT PUBLICATIONS -- - - - - -

* Physicochemical Kinetics and Transport at Biointerfaces
Series on Analytical and Physical Chemistry of Environmental Systems -
Vol. 9
Wolfgang Koester and H. P. van Leeuwen (Editors)
John Wiley & Sons, 2004, [ISBN 0-471-49845-9]
The effects and fate of organic and inorganic materials in environmental
systems are determined by their distribution and transport within and
between biotic and abiotic reservoirs. Development of mechanistic models
to describe these processes requires an integrated approach with
functional links between the various modes of transport of bioactive
chemical species and the biophysical processes to which they are
subjected. Until now, much of the key knowledge in this area has been
dispersed over several rather poorly interacting disciplines. This
timely book integrates these activities and highlights key directions
for future research.

* Mission and Challenges of Polymer Science and Technology
The IUPAC Polymer Conference on the Mission and Challenge of Polymer
Science and Technology (IUPAC PC2002) was held as the first strategic
conference of IUPAC ’s Macromolecular Division (MMD), in order to figure
out the present stage of polymer science and technology and clarify
their mission and challenges in the future. The scientific program
consisted of 4 plenary lectures, 6 scientific sessions (including 42
invited lectures, 33 oral, and 577 poster presentations), and a panel
discussion concluding the conference and discussing the role and
activities of IUPAC ’s Macromolecular Division among the world polymer
For a selection plenary Lectures and a keynote article, see the IUPAC
journal, Pure Appl. Chem. 75(10), pp. 1359-1402, 2003.
For more invited lectures, see Macromol. Symp., Vol. 201, 2003.

* Functional Networks and Gels
This volume contains papers presented at Polymer Networks 2002, the 16th
Polymer Networks Group Meeting, held in Autrans, France, from 2nd to 6th
September 2002. Functional network topics are wide-ranging, dealing with
encapsulation of magnetic and conducting moieties in networks,
biological and biomedical applications of reversible physical gels,
high-swelling networks for use as super-absorbing materials, and
environmentally responsive hydrogels.
Macromol. Symp., Vol. 200, 2003.

- - - - - -- NEW PAGES on IUPAC.ORG -- - - - - -

* Pure and Applied Chemistry
The entire contents of Vol 74, 2002 is now accessible online.
A year after its publication, the entire contents of the IUPAC journal
is freely available to all from the IUPAC web site. In addition to all
IUPAC technical reports and recommendations, the full text of all papers
associated with published IUPAC-sponsored conferences is also made
freely accessible.

* Chemistry International
January-February 2004 online issue
~ President's Column – Exciting and Challenging Times for Chemists and
Chemistry, by Leiv Sydnes
~ Atomic Weights and the International Committee: A Brief Historical
Review, by Norman Holden
~ The Periodic Table of the Elements, by Norman Holden and Ty Coplen
~ Chinese Terms for Chemical Elements: Characters Combining Radical and
Phonetic Elements, by Chang Hao
~ and more News, Projects, Publications, etc.

If you are interested in writing a feature article for the IUPAC News
Magazine, contact <[email protected]>. CI readership of about 9000
includes IUPAC members and affiliates, and individual subscribers from
more than 60 countries.

* Chemical Education International
~ Testing of Chemical Literacy, by Dolf Witte and Kees Beers
~ University Learning and Late-Adolecents of Post-Modern Ages, by C. Falicoff, O. Pliego, H. Odetti, And E.J. Bottani

* The Goldbook
Thanks to the efforts of Prof. Aubrey Jenkins, more terms are been added
to the online version of the Goldbook; these are drawn from IUPAC
publications which have appeared since 1995.
For more info and question about this project, see

- - - - - -- PROJECTS FRONT -- - - - - -


> Recently initiated projects

~ Solving the problem of arsenic contamination in water in Bangladesh,
by Sut Ahuja and John M. Malin
~ Classification, terminology and nomenclature of borophosphates, by
Meral Kizilyalli
~ Glossary for chemists of terms used in toxicology, by J. Duffus
~ Structure and properties of polymer/clay nano-composite materials, by
Sung Chul Kim and K. Nitta
~ Postgraduate course in polymer science, by Pavel Kratochvil
~ A critical compendium of pesticide physical chemistry data, by R. Don
Wauchope and David G. Shaw
~ Workshop for formulation of plans for the establishment of a "Center
of Natural Products Research (CNPR)", by Mohammed Mosihuzzaman
~ Green chemistry in the Arab region, by Pietro Tundo and Mohamed Tawfic
~ Green chemistry in Russia, by Pietro Tundo and Valery V. Lunin
~ Source-based nomenclature of single-strand organic polymers, by
Tatsuki Kitayama

- - - - -- IUPAC-SPONSORED EVENTS -- - - - - -

> Calendars, contacts info, and links to conferences website are all
compiled and accessible from ...

> Recently Sponsored Symposia and Conferences
~ Soil Science (ISMOM), 20-23 Sep 2004
~ Analytical Chemistry (Euroanalysis XIII), 5-10 Sep 2004
~ Biodegradable Polymers and Plastics, 1-4 June 2004
~ Trace Elements in Food, 7-8 Oct 2004

If you plan to organize a conference or symposium in 2005, it might not
be too soon to find out what it takes to make this event
IUPAC-sponsored. For more info, check the "Application for IUPAC
Sponsorship" <http://www.iupac.org/symposia/application.html>

- - - - - -- BEAKERS & FLASKS -- - - - - -

* IUPAC Prize for Young Chemists - 2004 Solicitation
The IUPAC Prize for Young Chemists has been established to encourage
outstanding young research scientists at the beginning of their careers.
The prize will be given for the most outstanding Ph.D. thesis in the
general area of the chemical sciences, as described in a 1000-word essay.
Deadline: February 1, 2004 - for entrants that receive their Ph.D. (or
equivalent) degree during the calendar year 2003.

* Heinrich Emanuel Merck-Award for Analytical Chemistry
Deadline for application 31 Jan 2004
For more info, access flyer from the ACD index

* IUPAC-NIST Solubility Database v1.0
just released ... access from
<http://www.iupac.org/divisions/V/502/index.html> or directly at

* The World Polymer Congress (MACRO 2004)
If you plan to go to Paris this summer, make sure that you do not miss
the deadline for submitting your abstract to MACRO 2004.
Deadline is 25 March 2004

* Chemistry Education for the Modern World
If the topic of Chemical Education is of interest to you, make plan to participate at the 18th ICCE. The deadline for submission of a
bstracts for oral or poster presentation is 31 March 2004

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