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- - - - - -- SHORTCUT to NEWS & NOTICES from IUPAC -- - - - - -

* InChI 1.02beta Software Release, introducing InChIKey

* IUPAC InChI/InChIKey project joins Microsoft BioIT Alliance

* Standard Atomic Weights Revised

* Proposal for Designation of 2011 as an International Year of Chemistry

* IUPAC in Torino - Highlights of the Bureau & Council meetings

... more news at <http://www.iupac.org/news/index.html>


- - - - - -- RECENT PUBLICATIONS -- - - - - -

* The IUPAC Green Book
Quantities, Units and Symbols in Physical Chemistry (3rd Edition), also
known as the Green Book, prepared for publication by E. Richard Cohen,
Tomislav Cvitas, Jeremy G Frey, Bertil Holmstrom, Kozo Kuchitsu, Roberto
Marquardt, Ian Mills, Franco Pavese, Martin Quack, Jurgen Stohner,
Herbert Strauss, Michio Takami, and Anders J. Thor, was published in
August 2007. This new edition is based on the most up to date sources
for fundamental constants, data and terminology in the field of
chemistry and physics and thus is the reference work for the topics
covered. It strives to improve the exchange of scientific information
among the readers in different disciplines and across different nations.
In a rapidly expanding volume of scientific literature where each
discipline has a tendency to retreat into its own jargon this book
attempts to provide a readable compilation of widely used terms and
symbols from many sources together with brief understandable definitions.

* Polymers and Organic Chemistry

The 12th International Conference on Polymers and Organic Chemistry
(POC'06) was held in Okazaki, Japan, from 2-7 July 2006 and was attended
by nearly 200 participants from 20 different countries. The aim of this
series of symposia is to bring together chemists from different chemical
fields to define and discuss the most recent developments in the areas
of polymer-supported reagents, polymeric catalysts, polymers in medicine
and biochemistry, polymers for separations, electro- and light-sensitive
functional polymers, polymers for environmental protection, processes
within functional polymers, and so on.
Ten articles contributed by the lecturers and the conference chairs of
POC'06 appear in this issue of Pure and Applied Chemistry in order to
provide a summary of last summer's conference.
Conference Editor: Yasuhiro Uozumi
Pure Appl. Chem. Vol. 79, No. 9, pp. 1471-1582 (2007)

* Polymers for Advanced Applications
As part of its activities, UNESCO encourages and sponsors UNESCO Schools
and scientific conferences in collaboration with scientific associations
such as IUPAC. The UNESCO School and Conference on Macromolecules and
Materials Science is held annually in Stellenbosch, South Africa. World
authorities in various fields of macromolecular science are invited to
give tutorials at the UNESCO School and informative plenary lectures at
the conference. The 9th UNESCO/IUPAC Conference focused on
Macromolecules: Polymers for Advanced Applications. There was an
emphasis on polymers for biomedical applications. Abridged versions of a
number of papers are compiled to create the present volume.
Editors: Edited by B. Klumperman and R. D. Sanderson
Macromol. Symp. vol 255



* Explanatory dictionary of key terms in toxicology (IUPAC
Recommendations 2007)
Pure Appl. Chem. 79(9), 1583-1633, 2007


- - - - - -- PROVISIONAL RECOMMENDATIONS -- - - - - -

* Metrological Traceability of Measurement Results in Chemistry
Comments by 29 February 2008


- - - - - -- NEW PAGES on IUPAC.ORG -- - - - - -

* Pure and Applied Chemistry
~ Online contents of 79(9), 2007

* Chemistry International
September - October 2007 online issue
~ Green Chemistry on the Rise: Thoughts on the Short History of the
Field, by Pietro Tundo and Francesco Aricò
~ Chemistry for Water: Recommendations from CHEMRAWN XV
~ Chemistry in Japan: Lessons from the Past, by Hitoshi Ohtaki
~ Tools of the Trade: The Red Book — Nomenclature of Inorganic
Chemistry, by Richard Hartshorn
~ and more News, Projects, Publications, etc.

If you are interested in writing a feature article for the IUPAC news
magazine, contact <[email protected]>. CI readership of about 10000
includes IUPAC members and affiliates, and individual subscribers from
more than 60 countries.


- - - - - -- PROJECTS FRONT -- - - - - -


> Recently initiated projects:

~ Development of a Multilingual Encyclopaedia of Polymer Terminology, by
Cláudio dos-Santos
~ Electrochemical DNA-based biosensors: State and prospect, by Jan Labuda
~ What are dietary fibres? by Laurence D. Melton
~ Recent advances in Nomenclature, Properties and Units: strategy for
promoting SC-NPU achievements, by Françoise Pontet


- - - - -- IUPAC-SPONSORED EVENTS -- - - - - -

> Calendars, contacts info, and links to conference websites are all
compiled and accessible here...

> Coming up in the next 3 months
~ 30 Sep - 5 Oct 2007, Latin American Conference on Physical Organic
Chemistry (CLAFQO 9)
~ 1-3 Oct 2007, Systems for Energy Conversion
~ 9-13 Oct 2007, Crop Protection Chemistry
~ 17-21 Oct 2007, Novel Materials
~ 5-7 Nov 2007, Infrared Spectroscopy Applied to Biological and
Biomimetic Systems
~ 28 Nov - 1 Dec 2007, Metallomics
~ 2-5 December 2007, CHEMRAWN XII - The Role of Chemistry in Sustainable
Agriculture and Human Well-being in Africa

> Recently sponsored symposia and conferences
~ Heterocyclic Chemistry, 8-11 Mar 2009
~ Humic Substances, 14-20 Sep 2008
~ Carbohydrate, 27 July - 01 Aug 2008
~ Chemical Thermodynamics, 3-8 Aug 2008
~ Green Chemistry, 14-20 Sep 2008
~ Organic Synthesis, 22-27 June 2008
~ Molecular Order and Mobility in Polymer Systems, 2-6 June 2008

If you plan to organize a conference or symposium in 2008 or later, it
is not too soon to find out what it takes to make this event
IUPAC-sponsored. For more info, check the "Application for IUPAC
Sponsorship" at <http://www.iupac.org/symposia/application.html>.


- - - - - -- BEAKERS & FLASKS -- - - - - -

* 2008 IUPAC-Richter Prize in Medicinal Chemistry

Call for Nominations -deadline 31 December 2007.
The 2008 IUPAC-Richter Prize will be presented in June 2008 during the
ACS 32nd National Medicinal Chemistry Symposium in Pittsburg, PA, USA.

* 2008 Thieme-IUPAC Prize in Synthetic Organic Chemistry
Call for Nominations -deadline 7 December 2007.
The Thieme-IUPAC Prize will be awarded at ICOS-17 in Daejeon, Korea,
22-27 June 2008.

* IUPAC Prize for Young Chemists

Deadline: 1 February 2008
The IUPAC Prize for Young Chemists has been established to encourage
outstanding young research scientists at the beginning of their careers.
The prize will be given for the most outstanding Ph.D. thesis in the
general area of the chemical sciences, as described in a 1000-word essay.

* Multiple Uses of Chemicals
A website providing resource materials to help teachers and students
understand the multiple uses of chemicals, learn about the Chemical
Weapons Convention, and develop codes of conduct to prevent harmful uses
has been developed as part of IUPAC project 2005-029-1-050.
For more details and web access, see

Fabienne Meyers
email: <[email protected]>

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