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Chemrawn Committee


Number: 021/13/93

Title: CHEMRAWN X - Chemical Education

Coordinator(s): J. Lagowski and J. Boggs

Remarks: Collaborative venture with UNESCO, COCI and CTC

As a result of recent discussions and recommendations of CTC, the subject of CHEMRAWN X is likely to be "Teaching and Training in Chemistry". This subject has been agreed by Dr. Zharov as being likely to be supported by UNESCO.

Proposed Title: 'Chemical Education in Global Development: Preparing Scientist and Engineers for the 21st Century'.

The major goal of the conference is to establish a dialog among all parties interested in chemical education, as needed to support global development in industry. Participants from educational institutions, transnational industry and government will produce position papers forming a basis for discussion at the conference. After the conference, the future actions committee will disseminate the results.

Three "mini-CHEMRAWN's" were organized in 2000: in Budapest ICCE, Aug.), Washington DC (ACS, Aug.), and Honolulu (Pacifichem, Dec.). At these 3 sessions, discussions lead to the following issues:

  • Industry expectations seem to differ country to country; are the differences real?
  • Can an education in one part of the world be used in another? (Issue for developing countries?)
  • Does graduate education need to be tailored for those going into industrial research?
  • How does industry make its needs known?
  • Can the time to a degree be �contained�?
  • How do universities instill the desire for continual learning?

Future actions will be discussed in Brisbane, at the 41st IUPAC GA.
> Plans for Discussions in Brisbane on July 3-4, 2001

A draft of the CHEMRAWN X Future Actions report is being prepared.

Last update: 7 February 2002

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