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Chemistry and the Environment Division (VI)


Number: 2003-014-2-600

Title: Fractal structures and processes in the environment (revised)

Task Group
Nicola Senesi

Kevin Wilkinson (co-editor), Philippe Baveye, Lynne Boddy, Jean-Yves Bottero, Graeme C. Bushell, Ian Colbeck, James A. Rice, Zofia Sokolowska, Serge Stoll, and Henri Van Damme

Completion Date: 2008 - project completed

The main objective is to provide the scientific community with a novel and valuable approach based on fractal geometry concepts to the chemistry, biochemistry, physical-chemistry and analytical chemistry of structures, properties and processes in environmental systems, with due comparison to classical approaches.

This objective can be extended to the industrial and professional community dealing with practical aspects of environmental systems by providing a fundamental knowledge basis for facing and solving practical environmental problems.

The project consists in the production of a book having the objectives described above. The book will be published as one volume in the IUPAC Series on "Analytical and Physical Chemistry of Environmental Systems", by John Wiley and Sons, Chichester, UK.

The content of the book will consist of ten chapters:

Chapter 1 - Setting the Stage: Fractals in the Environment
Authors: N. Senesi and K.J. Wilkinson

Chapter 2 - Introduction to Fractal Geometry, Fragmentation Processes and Multifractal Measures. Theory and Operational Aspects of Their Application to Natural Systems
Authors: Ph. Baveye and C.W. Boast

Chapter 3 - Methods and Techniques for Fractal Analysis of Environmental Systems
Author: G. Bushell

Chapter 4 - Fractal Structures and Processes of Aquatic Particles/Colloids
Author: S. Stoll

Chapter 5 - Fractal Mechanisms in Coagulation/Flocculation Processes in Environmental Systems
Authors: J.Y. Bottero, A. Masion, J. Rose, and S. Moustier

Chapter 6 - Scaling Concepts in Environmental Clay Physics. Flocs, Muds, Sediments and Soils
Author: H. Van Damme

Chapter 7 - Applications of Fractals in the Study of Humic Materials
Author: J.A. Rice

Chapter 8 - Fractal Geometry and Microorganisms in the Environment
Authors: L. Boddy and D.P. Donnelly

Chapter 9 - Fractal Approach to Adsorption/Desorption Processes on Environmental Surfaces
Author: Zofia Sokolowska

Chapter 10 - Fractal Determinations of Atmospheric Particles
Author: Ian Colbeck

The project is expected to increase IUPAC visibility in the scientific, industrial and professional communities having environmental interests. In particular, the project will be instrumental in enhancing education and increasing availability and dissemination of novel information and awareness in environmental issues. Further, it will promote integration of IUPAC activities in various fields of chemistry and collaboration with other environmental sciences. Interactions are planned on personal basis between Task Group Members who belong to various international and national Societies and Unions.

June 2005 - Most chapters have been drafted and received and are being internally reviewed; external peer review is to start in November 2005; publication goal: April 2006.

May 2006 - External review completed. The chapters rerevision process by the Authors is in course, and should be terminated by June 2006. Final approval expected during Fall 2006 and delivery to the Publisher is expected by November 2006.

October 2008: project completed
Book published by Wiley
2008, ISBN: 978-0-470-01474-5
> see book

Last update: 14 November 2008

<project announcement published in Chem. Int. Jul-Aug 2004 issue>

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