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Number: 2003-043-1-300

Title: Green chemistry in the Arab region

Task Group
: Pietro Tundo and Mohamed Tawfic Ahmed

Members: Ezz El Dien Salem, Abdelhaq Khirbach, Ibrahim Ashour, and Maan Azmeh

This project is aimed at increasing the awareness and interest of university students in Arabic universities and other educational institutes and industrial chemists towards the Green Chemistry activities, by highlighting their general significance and presenting already on-going activities in different regions of the Arab world. The aim of project is to produce and disseminate a book like "Green Chemistry in Africa" and "Green Chemistry in Latin America" and "Green Chemistry in Russia". The Green Chemistry in Africa book is being disseminated in sub-Saharan Universities. Presently, the book "Green Chemistry in Latin America" is being prepared (IUPAC project 2002-064-1-300).

The book will be designed for university students and for industrial chemists and will be written in Arabic. This makes it possible to disseminate the book in all the Arab world that include, Egypt, Syria, Jordan, Palestine, Lebanon, Iraq, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar, Yemen, Oman, Sudan, Libya, Tunisia, Morocco, Algeria and Mauritania. The book plans to underline the relevance of Green Chemistry in general, and to elucidate its potential importance for the Arab countries.

Pietro Tundo, and Mohamed Tawfic Ahmed will be the co-editors of the book. External referees may be contacted to evaluate the various chapters.

Chapters will be contributed by different authors from Arabic Universities and Institutes. They will be written in an easily understandable way and will present on-going work in the field of Green Chemistry. The main features will be:

  • to attract and enhance attention towards Green Chemistry in general;
  • to encourage students to specialize in the field of Green Chemistry
  • to improve understanding of the importance of Green Chemistry between industrial chemists
  • to elucidate the importance of the development of Green Chemistry in the Arabic countries.

Chapters will be written by well-known specialists from the different Arab countries including Egypt, Morocco, Syria, Tunisia, Saudi Arabia, and other Arabic countries. The topics of chapters thus will reflect different aspects of Green Chemistry that are of the most importance for each country.

The project may be a pilot initiative for future Green-Chemistry activities in Arab countries by IUPAC and related associations (scientific collaborations, networking etc.)

Seven chapters have been completed. Contributing authors include:
Pietro Tundo, Mohamed Tawfic Ahmed, Mohamed Abdelmagid, Abdelhak Kherache, Sabry Abdelmotaleb, Mohamed El Said Elzemiety, Khalid Temsamani, Mohamed Mekka, Hisham Abdellah, Sahar Shatoury, and Ishrak Khafagi.

Last update: 31 January 2005

<project announcement published in Chem. Int. Mar 2004>

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