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Chemistry and Human Health Division (VII)


Number: 2005-013-1-700

Title: Distance learning in toxicology: Effective teaching through technology

Task Group
Jane Huggins

Members: John Duffus, John Morris, Kristine Willett, and Paul Wright

Completion Date: 2006 - project completed

The objective of this symposium is to present/clarify issues surrounding development/delivery of online courses in toxicology. Instruction in the development of these courses and several examples of robust programs involving distance learning around the world will be presented. Discussions relating to cost, effectiveness, and overall quality of distance learning in toxicology will be incorporated into the symposium.

A symposium about distance learning in toxicology is proposed in which speakers from around the globe will be discussing their efforts in this arena. This symposium will be presented at the Society of Toxicology (SOT) annual meeting in San Diego, CA March 5-9, 2006. This symposium is important because undoubtedly, distance learning has come of age. Moreover, online courses in toxicology specifically stand to benefit many individuals studying the effects of chemicals on humans, animals, and the environment. Furthermore, this symposium contributes to at least two of the long-term goals of IUPAC, namely to offer programs of significant interest to chemical education and to offer programs which may have a significant impact in developing countries. Distance learning in general couples electronic teaching tools with pedagogy; asynchrony with synchrony. Not surprisingly, registration for these courses is expanding and types of offerings are proliferating. This rapid rate of development has, in many respects, resulted from an increased awareness and appreciation of these techniques by many teachers and students. The common-sense practicality associated with many of these endeavors has, to a large extent, dispelled the "black-box" of mysticism surrounding this area of education. Both the thinking and the technological tools behind development of distance learning courses in toxicology, specifically, will be presented at this symposium. The speakers will be addressing online course content and delivery, nationally and internationally (both "down-home" and "down-under"). Current online courses/programs in toxicology will be discussed with respect to development, efficacy and quality. Asynchrony will be defined.

An article titled 'Learning with the Distance Learning Curve' has been published online in the Spring '06 issue of the Society of Toxicology Communiqué <www.toxicology.org/ai/pub/sp06/sp06_learn.asp>

A report on this activity is published in the July-Aug '06 issue of Chem. Int. p.20

project completed

Last Update: 26 July 2006

<project announcement published in Chem. Int. Jan-Feb 2006, p. 25>


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