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Number: 2006-026-1-500

Title: Electrochemical DNA-based biosensors: terms and methodology

Task Group
Jan Labuda

Members: Ana Maria Oliveira Brett, Gennady Evtugyn, Miroslav Fojta, Marco Mascini, Mehmet Ozsoz, Emil Palecek, and Joseph Wang

To bring in terms of definitions or definition-like characterization and classification of DNA electrochemistry and DNA-based sensors as well as related methodology and to provide analytical, electrochemical, biomedical and environmental communities with critical evaluation on this topic.

In 1999, the IUPAC technical report "Electrochemical biosensors: recommended definitions and classification" was published [PAC 71(12), 2333-2348, 1999]. This report did not deal extensively with DNA as the biological recognition element but considered the work on other types of biosensors in future. Since that time a significant progress in the development and application of electrochemical sensors based on DNA and other nucleic acids (including aptamers and peptide nucleic acids) has been achieved. On the other hand, so far there have been no efforts to essential classification in this dynamically developing field. Through this project it is proposed to achieve the critical evaluation of the terms and methodology related to electrochemical DNA sensors.

The project deals with:

  • a) DNA-based biocomponents (natural, biomimetic) including their electrochemical responses,
  • b) type of interaction to be addressed (DNA hybridization, DNA-drug, interactions, aptamer-antigen, etc.,
  • c) detection principles (label-free, label-based, reagentless, indicator-based etc.),
  • d) construction of sensors and DNA chips,
  • f) specific performance criteria.

In each part, the classification of terms and methodology will be accompanied with a short introducing state description and illustrating schemes. As a result, the project will evaluate critically the terms and methodology in the field. General and applicable nomenclature of the IUPAC technical report from 1999 will be accepted and referred.

One special workshop will be organized within the project close to mid-term meeting to discuss and further develop the classification and evaluation DNA-based sensors. Hence, the technical report should be valuable used as a key instruction for wide audience from academic, biomedical, environmental and food-testing, drug-developing etc. labs to sensors producers.



Last Update: 4 September 2007

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