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Chemistry and Human Health Division (VII)


Number: 2006-048-2-700

Title: Recent advances in Nomenclature, Properties and Units: strategy for promoting SC-NPU achievements

Task Group
Françoise Pontet

Members: Xavier Fuentes Arderiu and Pedro Soares de Araujo

In Laboratory Medicine a nomenclature is required to facilitate electronic exchanges. SC-NPU provides a data base which is set according to SI, IUPAC and IFCC references. To extend the use of this data base, SC-NPU needs to promote it and organize a wide information about it.

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SC-NPU database has been freely available in English, Danish and Swedish for several years and currently used in Denmark and in Sweden. It is now being developped in German, French, Portuguese and Spanish versions. Notes, explanations, and links to various precisions will also be added to the database. This newly revised SC-NPU database needs to be promoted widely.

Biologists of the matching countries have to be informed of the existence and use of this database. So doing, the SC-NPU intends to organize an information campaign in the countries which are concerned by the new versions, as well as in the worldwide Laboratory Medicine community.

This project will carry on articles in various languages in the Laboratory Medicine journals of concerned countries, presenting the data base and demonstrating its advantages. The project team will present posters and organize workshops and roundtables in International congresses, such as those organized by IUPAC and IFCC. These communications will develop the interesting aspects of the SC-NPU database: a multilanguage terminology set, constantly revised according to scientific advances, with a free access for any worlwide biologist (through the Internet, with access links in the IUPAC and IFCC website). The syntax of the terms is based upon SI recommendations, IFCC and IUPAC publications, it is simple and unique for all terms and directly provided by the data base for each situation and adapted to it. The SC-NPU data base includes 22 000 terms covering all fields of Laboratory Medicine, each with a specific and ready-to-use code.



Last Update: 13 July 2007

<project announcement published in Chem. Int. Jan-Feb 2008>


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