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Number: 2007-005-2-050

Title: Research-based evaluation of the Young Ambassadors for Chemistry* project

* project 2003-055-1-050

Task Group
: Lida Schoen

Members: Mei-Hung Chiu, Ponnadurai Ramasami, Erica Steenberg, and Natalia Tarasova

- A research-based evaluation of the longer term outcomes about teachers' attitudes towards YAC and international collaboration (Science Across the World) of the first and last successful YAC courses/events in Taiwan (Nov 2005 and Aug 2006) and South Africa (March 2007, with built in evaluation), out of the initial series of YAC courses in five countries (final report: www.iupac.org/projects/2003/2003-055-1-050_Schoen_final-report072107.pdf - 1.35MB).

- A research-based evaluation during new YAC courses/events in Taiwan (Dec 2007) and in Kenya and Mauritius (July/Aug 2008) (these new YAC projects will be funded from other sources) about creating YAC students and YAC teachers and allowing teachers and schools to develop a school-based curriculum that creates uniqueness of the local learning atmosphere and make good use of local facilities for students as well as for the public.

- A research-based evaluation of these new YAC projects will provide insights and vision of collaboration among school administrators, teachers, and students as well as industrial sectors.

The Young Ambassadors for Chemistry project (YAC - www.iupac.org/projects/2003/2003-055-1-050.html) was carried out from 2004 to 2007 using a 'Train the Trainers' approach with teachers and students to increase public interest in chemistry in 4 transition areas: Taiwan, Argentina, Russia and South Africa (March 2007) with a 5th successful stop in Gwangju, Korea. Evaluation of the project was based on responses obtained from the public (questionnaires by the YACs) and informal evaluations with participating teachers in the courses as part of YAC projects.

This project will evaluate the results of teacher training and teacher organised YAC events in three target transition regions (Taiwan, Kenya and Mauritius). In Taiwan, dates for YAC Workshops are available in December 2007 and funding for the Workshops and the evaluation are carried by the local organisation. Evaluation in Kenya and Mauritius will only be possible if the local organisations are able to organise and fund YAC workshops.

The entire evaluation project includes 4 evaluations and informal interviews with the participants to investigate the effectiveness and implementation of YAC. There will be 4 areas of evaluation at stages before, during and after the activities:

  1. Teacher evaluation about the content knowledge and attitude towards the YAC concept
  2. Student evaluation about the content knowledge and attitude towards the YAC idea
  3. Public evaluation about the content knowledge and attitude towards the YAC event
  4. Local organisers evaluation about successes and problems with the local organisation (funding, venue, etc.)

Attitude testing and cognitive performance evaluation will be administered. For reliability teachers and students will be retested one month later. This primary evaluation will produce data to develop a sustainable model for future YAC programme implementation.

1) Evaluation materials written and translated to be used in 3 countries by 2 evaluation experts.

2) Longer term outcomes about teachers' and students' attitudes towards the YAC idea and international collaboration (Science Across the World) from participants of the former YAC courses/events in Taiwan (November 2005 and August 2006) and South Africa (March 2007) to find out whether YAC has planted its seed in Taiwan.

3) Evaluations (data collection) will be carried out in the following countries.
a) Taiwan (December 2007): during a new YAC course/event with new teacher (trainer)s.
b) Africa:
i) Kenya (July/August 2008): evaluation during a new YAC course/event during the pre- or post conference ICCE 20
ii) Mauritius (August 2008): evaluation during a new YAC course/event organised during ICCE 20

4) Analysis of data, guidelines written for future training, organisation of YAC course/events, to support efforts to obtain possible corporate funding.


See report prepared by Lida Schoen, Mei-Hung Chíu, and Erica Steenberg; www.iupac.org/projects/2007/2007-005-2-050_report081103.pdf - 370KB).

Last update: 3 November 2008


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