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Number: 2007-035-1-300

Title: Translation in Romanian and dissemination of a monograph for Universities and Secondary Schools on "Global Climate Change".

Task Group
: A. Pascariu

Members: M. Crisan, F. Zecchini, and Pietro Tundo

- To translate the monograph on "Global Climate Change", from English into Romanian language.
- To publish this monograph in 500 copies, translated into Romanian, for initial dissemination and evaluation by relevant universities and secondary school authorities, professional science teaching bodies and secondary teachers in Romania.
- To show the central role of chemistry in the treatment of issues of global importance and particularly the contribution of green chemistry in this regard.
- To observe the reception of the book and the impact of the approach in universities and secondary schools.

The monograph on "Global Climate Change" was first written in Italian and produced by the Italian Consorzio Interuniversitario Nazionale "La Chimica per L'Ambiente" (INCA; ISBN: 88-88214-12-7; OP2) and distributed to Italian secondary schools. It is freely downloadable from <www.incaweb.org/publications/papers.php>
As part of IUPAC project 2005-015-1-300, the monograph has been translated into English, Spanish and Portuguese, and all these versions are avalaible from the incaweb above.

This monograph is also one of the early chapters of a senior secondary textbook on "Introduction to Green Chemistry", published by INCA, in Green Chemistry Series. The fact that numerous science teachers have adopted it as a resource for the curriculum proves the impact and the popularity of the monograph in Italy. In "Global Climate Change" the central role of chemistry is emphasized.

Due to the translations in English, Portuguese and Spanish, the monograph is already a popular resource in many countries of the world. The impact of these translations makes us believe that the translation into Romanian will have a great influence on the Romanian students too.

In the original version, Section 5.3 'perspectives' is dedicated to the Kyoto protocol and the European/Italian reality. In the proposed translation, this section will be updated and customized to fit to the macro-local reality of Romania.

We shall use the same print format as the English version, in the print of the 500 copies of the Romanian translation. These booklets will be promoted and distributed to universities, secondary science authorities, science education consultants and secondary teachers through the relevant bodies in Romania. The task group members will utilize the national professional organisations, as well as contacts in Romania to initiate the initial dissemination process. We shall also present the monograph at relevant conferences and to science teacher groups.



Last update: 24 October 2007

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