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Claim of Expenses

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Task Group Chairmen

Divisions Presidents, Standing Committee Chairmen, Commission Chairmen and Task Group Chairmen have the authority to request Claim Forms.

Requests for Claim Forms should be addressed to the IUPAC Secretariat, preferably by e-mail to <[email protected]>, and should include the following information:

  • IUPAC Body or Project
  • Nature of the claim: travel expenses or administrative expenses
  • In the instance of travel expenses:
    • date and location of the event
    • name of the participants to whom claim form should be sent
    • type of reimbursement:
      -- fixed allocations or
      -- Apex airfare plus IUPAC per diem according to location*

With this information, the Secretariat will provide a pre-filled Claim Form to each of the individuals approved by the President or Chairman responsible.

Claim Forms for Administrative expenses should be used when requesting reimbursement for expenses such as shipping, copying, telephone, room rental, etc. Receipts must be provided for expenses over USD 75 total. If a project has regular administrative expenses, please submit claim forms only at reasonable intervals, not monthly, unless your expenses for a particular month were large.

Claim Forms for travel expenses will be sent directly to the person traveling. The Task Group Chairman should provide the Secretariat with the name and contact information, if necessary, of the person travelling, the reason for the trip, the destination, and the dates of the meeting. Reimbursement for travel can be provided by two mechanisms. The first is reimbursement for actual transportation (apex or economy airfare) and subsistence at the standard IUPAC rate as given in the Subsistence Rate Table for that year*. The number of days of subsistence is calculated as the number of nights of hotel accommodation plus one. The second mechanism is to provide a fixed amount as a contribution towards the actual expenses. This is commonly used when IUPAC business is only part of the reason, often not the major part, for a trip and other sources of funds will be used to cover the costs of the trip.

* Download IUPAC Subsistence Rates 2011 (pdf file- 31KB)

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