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Reactivity of Solids: Past, Present and Future
A "Chemistry for the 21st Century Monograph".

V. V. Boldyrev

Blackwell Science, 1996 [ISBN 0865426872]

In the best tradition of the IUPAC Chemistry for the 21st Century series, this latest title presents a series of state-of-the-art reviews on the reactivity of solids. Each of the articles, written by leading experts, provides a wide overview of progress in the field, evaluates the state of research at present and examines the prospects for the future. The book covers the problems related to the hierarchy of defects in solids, the kinetics of chemical reactions in solids, and the reactions in solid matrices. It also considers in some detail various types of heterogeneous reactions, homogeneous reactions and chemical reactions in organic solids. Special chapters are devoted to the application of solid state reactions in inorganic synthesis and the manufacture of new materials.


Preface - Reactivity of solids: past, present and future; Hierarch of defects in crystals and reactivities of solids; The reactivity of solids in thermal decomposition (crystolysis) reactions; Problems
of reactivity in the dissolution of inorganic solids; Some data on surface properties and reactivity of metal oxides; Processes at interfaces during solid state reactions; Modern tendencies in heterogeneous kinetics of solid state decomposition reactions;
Homogeneous solid state reactions; Kinetics of the simplest radical reactions in solids; Reactivity of organic solids - past, present and future; Chemical strategies for the synthesis of metal oxides; Low temperature materials syntheses; Reactivity of
solids and new technologies.

103 illustrations
304 pages


© 1998 Blackwell Science Ltd


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