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Compendium of Analytical Nomenclature
The Orange Book - 2nd Edition

H. Freiser, G. H. Nancollas

Blackwell Science, 1987 [ISBN 0632019077]

This authoritative compendium will be invaluable to all who need to use the officially recommended analytical nomenclature adopted by the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry. Prior to 1977, these recommendations were only available in the individual reports as they appeared, from time to time in the IUPAC journal, Pure and Applied Chemistry. The present work is a revision and extension of the first edition of the Compendium, published in 1978, and includes the additional nomenclature reports which have been finalized and/or updated by IUPAC since 1977.

Foreward; Presentation of the results of chemical analysis; Solution thermodynamics; Recommendations for terminology to be used with precision balances; Recommendations for nomenclature of thermal analysis; Recommendation for nomenclature of titrimetric analysis; Automatic analysis; Electrochemical analysis; Analytical separation processes; Spectrochemical analysis; Other optical methods; Recommendations for nomenclature of mass spectrometry; Diffraction methods; Magnetic methods of analysis; Kinetic methods of analysis; Recommendations for nomenclature of radiochemical methods; Surface analysis

964 pages

> See 3rd edition
> IUPAC Nomenclature Books Series


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