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Principles of Chemical Nomenclature
A Guide to IUPAC Recommendations

G. J. Leigh, H. A. Favre, W. V. Metanomski

Blackwell Science, 1998 [ISBN 0865426856]

Nomenclature is an essential part of academic discipline but in chemistry it assumes a particular significance. The nomenclature of chemical compounds is systematic: names and formulae are constructed from units manipulated to provide information on composition and structure. To understand chemistry, students must have a firm grasp of the principles of its nomenclature. Without this they are lost. Principles of Chemical Nomenclature is the definitive work for them, mandated by the authoritative voice of the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry.

  • the authoritative (and indispensable) work for students on nomenclature in chemistry
  • commissioned by the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry, the body responsible for mandating nomenclature explains the systematic naming of chemical compounds
  • relates 'trivial' names to systematic nomenclature
  • an absolutely current account of a subject that is growing and changing - like any language



Naming of substances;

Aspects of the nomenclature of organometallic compounds;
Macromolecular (polymer) nomenclature;
Biochemical nomenclature;
Nomenclature in the making;

> full text [pdf 1.70MB, with bookmark by chapters and sections]


30 illustrations
144 pages

> IUPAC Nomenclature Books Series


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