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A Multilingual Glossary of Biotechnological Terms

Leuenberger, Hans-Georg W.; Nagel, Bertrand; K´┐Żlbl, Heinz (eds.)

Verlag Helvetica Chimica Acta, Basel, 1995 [ISBN 3-906390-13-6]

This volume contains IUPAC-approved definitions of over 230 terms most frequently used in the multidisciplinary field of biotechnology, together with their translation into six further languages, namely French, German, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish. The terms are presented in dictionary format for easy look-up. The aim has been to facilitate communication between chemists, chemical engineers, biologists, and bioengineers, and to render biotechnology more accessible to the chemical profession. The scope of this work includes the fields of microbiology, genetic engineering, biochemistry, molecular biology, biochemical engineering, bioprocessing, and general concepts of biotechnology, which makes this compilation and indispensable reference.

From the Contents:

    1. English Original (IUPAC-approved)
    2. French Version
    3. German Version
    4. Japanese Version
    5. Portuguese Version
    6. Russian Version
    7. Spanish Version

Appendix I: Index of the English Terms and Their Equivalents in * French * German * Japanese * Portuguese * Russian * Spanish
Appendix II: Bibliography

> The original version has been written in English and was publsihed in Pure and Applied Chemistry 1992, 64, 143-68 [doi:10.1351/pac199264010143]

251 pages

© 1999 WILEY-VCH


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