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Solution Calorimetry

K. N. Marsh, P. A. G. O'Hare

Blackwell Science, 1994 [ISBN

> Book Series on Experimental Thermodynamics

This is the fourth volume in the series "Experimental Thermodynamics" - a series summarizing the current state of knowledge regarding experimental techniques in thermodynamics and thermochemistry, and edited by the IUPAC Commission on Thermodynamics. This latest volume is concerned with solution calorimetry and considers the calorimetry of both reacting and non-reacting systems. The contributions reflect and summarize the current state of development of techniques for the measurement of the energy effects involved in reaction and mixing in solution over a range of temperature and pressure. These techniques are also considered in the light of their application to current concerns in chemical research and the chemical industry.

* assembled by an internationally recognized team of contributors
* the state-of-the-art in solution calorimetry


Introduction; Reduction of experimental results to standard state quantities; Solution calorimetry for the determination of enthalpies of reaction of inorganic substances at 298.15K; Heat capacity of organic liquids; Mass-flow isoperibol calorimeters; High temperature solution calorimetry; Isothermal displacement calorimeters; Excess enthalpy by flow calorimetry; Mixing calorimetry at cryogenic conditions; Continuous titration calorimetry; Electrolyte solutions at high temperatures and pressures; Microcalorimetry of aqueous and biological systems; Calorimetric determination of pressure effects

123 illustrations
352 pages


© 1998 Blackwell Science Ltd


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