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Chemistry of Oxide Superconductors


C N R Rao

Blackwell Science,1988 [ISBN 0632023023]

This book is intended to highlight the chemical aspects of oxide superconductors, giving an idea as to how solid state chemistry (structure, bonding and stoichiometry) play a crucial role in the superconductivity of these high-temperature oxide superconductors.


Chemistry of high-temperature oxide superconductors; The role of crystal chemistry for generation of high-Twc oxide superconductors; Ba(Pb,Bi)Ow3 superconductors and their relationship to the copper oxide based superconductors; Chemistry and high-Twc superconductivity in the La-Ba-Cu-O system; Synthesis, structural chemistry and properties of YBAw2Cuw3Ow7-x; High-Twc superconductivity in LnBaw2Cuw3Ow7 (Ln = La-Yb, Y) compounds; Chemistry-Twc relations in oxide superconductors; Thermal decomposition studies of YBAw2CUw3Ow7-x using beam modulation mass spectrometry; Kinetics of oxygen uptake in YBaw2Cuw3 Owx; The role of oxygen in
YBaw2Cuw3Ow7-(SY); Are one-dimensional structural features essential for superconductivity at 90 K; Isoelectronic analogs of the high temperature oxide superconductor; Substitutional chemistry of the 1:2:3 phase and studies of the Yw2O w3-SrO-CuO phase diagram; Theory of superconductivity in systems with strong coulomb correlations, with applications to the organic and oxide superconductors; Raman scattering studies of the copper-oxygen vibrations and oxygen order in La, Y-Ba, Sr-Cu oxides; A simple method to
prepare high-Twc superconducting thin films: pulsed laser deposition; High-temperature superconductivity in bismuth and thallium cuprates.

167 illustrations
208 pages

© 1998 Blackwell Science Ltd



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