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Trends in Medicinal Chemistry, Proceedings of the XIth
International Symposium on Medicinal Chemistry

S. Sarel, R. Mechoulam, I. Agrana

Blackwell Science,1992 [ISBN

The 54 articles which are divided into 12 sections in this new reference work represent the majority of the invited, plenary and main lectures which were included in the scientific program of the 11th International Symposium on Medicinal Chemistry. These combined articles do much to promote medicinal chemistry to the level of the 'Science of Drugs' and show chemistry as a most powerful ally of medicine. The traditional therapeutic areas are fully covered. However, in this volume, sections have also been devoted to less frequently reviewed areas.


Rational Drug Design; Computer Assisted Strategies;
Semiempirical Quantum-Mechanical Approach; Chemical Strategies; Drugs Affecting the CNS; Agonist/Antagonist Responses to Receptors of Serotonin, Dopamine and to the Muscarine Site of Acetylchlorine; Agonist/Antagonist Responses to Receptors of Excitatory Amino Acids; Drugs Affecting the Adenylate Cyclase and the Inositol Triphosphate- Diacylglycerol Systems; Agonist/Antagonist Responses to Eicosanoid
Receptors; Drugs Associated with Bradykinin and Platelet Activating Factor; Drugs Targeted at the Cardiovascular System; Drugs Associated with Bone Formation and Metabolism; Agents Against Infectious Diseases and Cancer; Medicinal plants from China; Chemical Drug Delivery Systems, Biotransformations and Pharmacodynamics; Transmembrane Drug Transport; Special Topics; Index

233 illustrations
448 pages


© 1998 Blackwell Science Ltd


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