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Metal Speciation and Bioavailability in Aquatic Systems

Series on Analytical and Physical Chemistry
of Environmental Systems
- Vol. 3

Andr� Tessier and David R. Turner

John Wiley & Sons, 1995 [ISBN 0-471-95830-1]

Metal Speciation and Bioavailability in Aquatic Systems Edited by Andr� Tessir Universit� du Qu�bec, Sainte-Foy, Qu�bec, Canada David R. Turner G�teborg University and Chalmers University of Technology, G�teborg, Sweden Metal Speciation and Bioavailability in Aquatic Systems is the first comprehensive review to deal with fundamental concepts and models, speciation measurements and field applications in metal speciation and bioavailability in aquatic environments. This volume provides a thorough review of current developments concerning the interactions between trace metals and aquatic organisms. Metal Speciation and Bioavailability in Aquatic Systems provides:

  • The first comprehensive approach to the subject covering all aspects of trace metal ecotoxicology in the environment.
  • Essential reading for researchers and graduate students who will appreciate critical reviews of classical and modern methods of metal speciation.
  • Contributions from leading scientists from many disciplines assessing both analytical and physical methods applied to this growing field of environmental analysis.
  • An introduction to the use of laboratory bioassays as predictive tools for understanding trace metal�organism interactions.
  • An examination of the use and limitations of bioassays in management decisions.

The interdisciplinary nature of this topic is highlighted in Metal Speciation and Bioavailability in Aquatic Systems, ensuring that this volume is invaluable for chemists, biochemists, biologists, ecologists and environmental engineers involved in the fields of metal ecotoxicology, metal speciation, environmental and analytical chemistry, and the management of trace metals in aquatic systems.


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