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The Science of Chemical Safety
Essential Toxicology

An Educational Resource


John Duffus and Howard Worth
IUPAC, 2001

The presentations compiled here are intended to provide educators with a resource of materials for teaching and learning the fundamentals of toxicology. Educators should select those materials appropriate for their own local requirements and supplement them with examples relevant to their student.

The current web version is a series of pdf files which can be used in the form of computer presentations, to print handouts, or to make slides or overheads, for either formal teaching or guided study. A CD version which includes original files in the Microsoft PowerPoint format is available. [Orders may be sent to Craig Publishing Services, Torsonce House, Newside, Carmichael ML12 6NG, Scotland, U.K. E-mail: <[email protected]>. The CD costs �36 including postage and packing]

The topics covered range from fundamental principles of toxicology through environmental toxicology and risk management to consideration of ethics. To complement the units and help with self-guided study, a series of self-assessment questions are provided.

This educational material is the result of a collaborative project of the IUPAC Commission on Toxicology and the Committee on the Teaching of Chemistry. It follows the successful production of an undergraduate level textbook, �Fundamental Toxicology for Chemists� published by the U.K. Royal Society for Chemistry.
> see 2006 revised edition

General Objectives

  • To provide educators with a presentation and text on essential toxicology from which they can select material appropriate for local requirements
  • To explain fundamental ideas in toxicology clearly so that students can understand the hazards and risks associated with chemicals

Summary of the Units
> link to Units Objective and detailed contents (html)
------ or download corresponding pdf file

1. General Considerations
  [download pdf file - 32KB]
2. Factors Affecting Risk of Poisoning
  [download pdf file - 164KB]
3. Environmental Toxicology
  [download pdf file - 53KB]
4. Hazard and Risk
  [download pdf file - 30KB]
5. Management of Potentially Toxic Substances
  [download pdf file - 58KB]
6. Risk Assessment and Risk Management
  [download pdf file - 58KB]
7. Common types of Chemical that Cause Health Risks
  [download pdf file - 32KB]
Ethical considerations (prepared by Hans Bouma)
  [download pdf file - 85KB]
DDT Case Study
  [download pdf file - 32KB]
Suggested Assessment Exercises
  [download pdf file - 57KB]


Suggested Method of Use of this Material

  • Select the content which is appropriate to your students
  • Arrange the slides in a logical sequence starting from the student�s previous knowledge
  • Add your own examples to emphasise specific points from local circumstances
  • Use labels or safety data sheets as sources of information and ask your students to compare selected chemicals for hazard and risk as used, perhaps in your own laboratory or at home
  • Use the self assessment questions to stimulate discussion
> Download
  Read Me First [pdf file - 86KB]
  Introduction [pdf file - 30KB]


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