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1997, Vol. 19, No. 3 (July)

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Secretary General's Column (90K)
By Edwin D. Becker

39th IUPAC General Assembly (422K)

Report of the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry: 1996 (68K)
By Mo Williams

IUPAC Accounts for 1996 (114K)
By J.W. Ward

News (98K)

Safety Evaluation of Pesticide Residues in Food (44K)

Conference Reports (68K)

> Chemrawn IX, on the Role of Advanced Materials in Sustainable Development (html)

Provisional Recommendations and Comments (71K)

Letter to the Editor (8K)

New Publications (14K)

Conferences and Conference Calendar (36K)

Chemistry International is the news magazine of IUPAC. A subscription to Chemistry International will allow you to be kept up-to-date with progress reports on all of IUPAC's activities.

Chemistry International can help all concerned chemists because it contains details of IUPAC's work, which includes:

  • IUPAC sponsors about 30 international conferences in all branches of chemistry each year.
  • Chemical industry is closely involved in the work of IUPAC through the Union's 160 Company Associates located in 24 countries.
  • IUPAC publishes conference proceedings, definitive volumes of chemical data and compendia on nomenclature, quantities, symbols and units - the famous Green, Red, Blue, Purple, Orange, Silver and Gold Books.

News about IUPAC, its chemists, its publications, its recommendations, its conferences and the work of its commissions and committees is published bimonthly in Chemistry International.

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