Chemistry International
Vol. 21, No.4, July 1999

1999, Vol. 21
No. 4 (July)
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Chemistry International
Vol. 21, No. 4
July 1999


James Lawrence Wins AOAC International's 1999 Harvey W. Wiley Award

AOAC International has named James Lawrence as the 1999 Harvey W. Wiley Award winner in recognition of his outstanding contributions to analytical methodology. Mr. Lawrence will accept this prestigious AOAC award at the opening session of the 113th AOAC International Annual Meeting & Exposition to be held in Houston, Texas, USA, 26-30 September 1999. He will also deliver the keynote address at the Wiley Award Symposium. The subject of his presentation is "Immunochemical Techniques in Food Contaminant Analysis"

Mr. Lawrence, head of the Food Additives and Contaminants Section in the Food Research Division of the Health Protection Branch of Health Canada, receives this award in acknowledgment of his work in food additives and contaminants, particularly high pressure liquid chromatography and residue analysis.

Mr. Lawrence has also been involved in a wide variety of professional associations, serving as president of the International Association for Environmental Analytical Chemistry, heading up the Canadian delegation to the Codex Alimentarius Committee on Methods of Analysis and Sampling, and working as editor for food composition and additives for the Journal of AOAC International. He also bridges the gap between government and academia by serving as an adjunct professor at Ottawa's Carleton University.

AOAC International, an association of scientists in the public and private sectors, is dedicated to promoting methods validation and quality measurements in the analytical sciences. The Harvey W. Wiley Award, AOAC International's most prestigious scientific award, is presented annually to recognize career achievements in advancing analytical methodology. The award was established in 1956 to honor Dr. Harvey W. Wiley, who was instrumental in the institution of laws regulating food quality. Dr. Wiley was a founder of AOAC International and served as AOAC President in 1886, Secretary from 1889 to 1912, and Honorary President until his death in 1930.

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