Chemistry International
Vol. 22, No.3, May 2000

2000, Vol. 22
No. 3 (May)
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Chemistry International
Vol. 22, No. 3
May 2000

Reports from Commissions and Division Committees

Commission on Nomenclature, Properties, and Units (C-NPU) (VII.C.1)

Summary of Minutes of Commission Meeting at IUPAC General Assembly, Berlin, Germany, 8—10 August 1999

The main focus of this meeting was on harmonization of current projects of this commission with the new structure being implemented by the Union. Most of the ongoing projects will be finished during this biennium; however, some of them, like the C-NPU Internet web site, which is a core project for this Commission, are ongoing activities. The Commission brought this point to the attention of the Division during the Division meeting in Berlin. It is a clear commitment of the C-NPU to participate actively in the new projects proposed for the Chemistry and Human Health Division, contributing to the nomenclature, according to the interdisciplinary character of these broad projects. A new interdivisional project was proposed on the use of the NPU concept system for properties in the field of environmental chemistry. The project will be prepared by the collaborative effort of the two divisions, including A. Kallner, J. H. Duffus, and W. R. Külpmann. The composition of the C-NPU for the biennium 2000—2001 will be as follows: Titular Members (TMs): Urban Forsum (Chairman), Pedro Soares de Araujo (Secretary), Antonin Jabor, Wolf R. Külpmann, and Gunnar Nordin. There is still one open position for TM, and a candidate will be proposed after further consultation.

Associate Members (AMs): Xavier Fuentes-Arderiu, J. Gilbert Hill, Desmond Kenny, Eugeny V. Yurtov, Henrik Olesen, and René Dybkaer.

It was agreed that C-NPU would meet twice a year during the 2000—2001 biennium in order to maintain its current productivity.

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Pedro Soares de Araujo
IUPAC Commission on Nomenclature, Properties, and Units VII.C.1


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