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Chemistry International
Vol. 24, No. 3
May 2002


New Books and Publications

Pesticide Formulation and Application Systems: A New Century For Agricultural Formulations
Jane C. Mueninghoff, Alan K. Viets, and Roger A. Downer (editors)
American Society for Testing and Materials, 2001.
(ISBN 0-8031-2891-6)

Reviewed by Claude Corty

Pesticide Formulation and Application Systems, Twenty-First Volume contains 21 selected papers presented at the Pesticide and Application Systems Symposium, which was held 24–26 October 2000 in Orlando, Florida, USA. The symposium, sponsored by the ASTM E 35.22 subcommittee, had the theme "A New Century for Agricultural Formulations."

The papers published in this volume cover recent work on the main aspects of formulation science and technology, including product development, formulation ingredients, regulatory issues, application technology, and biological efficacy. The papers and the extensive reference citations are evidence of how successful efforts have been in recent years to provide formulators with up-to-date information necessary for them to perform their jobs.

As one turns the pages from topic to topic one is again made aware of the important role that surface-active agents play in all phases of agricultural formulations. Study after study provides data showing that the development of new formulations, the ease of processing, the final product quality and stability, the application characteristics, and the efficacy of the product are critically impacted by the choice of surfactant.

Formulation work is often focused on optimizing specific commercial goals, and thus such work often must be narrowly focused. However, this volume provides broad and valuable guidance for workers in this field, who must know how to fit together the active ingredient, the adjuvants such as surfactants, and the product quality criteria in order to arrive at a successful agricultural formulation.

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Reviewed by Claude Corty, former manager of Formulation and Application Technology Research and Development in the Agricultural Products Department at DuPont.





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