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>XML in Chemistry
>A Preprint Server for Chemistry
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Chemistry International
Vol. 24, No. 4
July 2002

> Who Are You?
a note from the editor

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In the Maze of XML

What place is there for Chemistry?
What role is there for IUPAC?


Vice President's Column

XML in Chemistry

Crystallographic Information File

How Well Are We Using XML in Chemistry?

Markup Languages–How to Structure Chemistry-Related Documents

A Preprint Server for Chemistry

On the Reality of Virtual Libraries

The Analytical Chemistry Division
2002 Winners of the IUPAC Prize for Young Chemists

IUPAC Projects
Pest Management for Small-Acreage Crops: A Cooperative Global Approach

Provisional Recommendations
Quantities, Terminology, and Symbols in Photothermal and Related Spectroscopies
Thermochemistry of Chemical Reactions: Terminology, Symbols, and Experimental Methods for the Determination of Bond Energies

Highlights from Pure and Applied Chemistry
Critical Evaluation of Proven Chemical Weapon Destruction Technologies
Definitions of Basic Terms Relating to Polymer Liquid Crystals

New Books and Publications
Interactions Between Soil Particles and Microorganisms: Impact on the Terrestrial Ecosystem
Non-Conventional Polymer Dispersions
Solubility of Ethyne in Liquids
IUPAC Handbook 2002-2003
Handbuch für die Systematische Nomenklatur der Organischen Chemie

Reports from Conferences
Chemistry and Quality of Life
Macromolecules-Metal Complexes
Ionic Polymerization
Polymer Characterization
Heterocyclic Chemistry

On the Web
Co-Operation on International Traceability in Anaytical Chemistry (CITAC)
The International Network for the Availability of Scientific Publications (INASP)
Visualized Thermodynamics

Conference Announcements
Purchasing, Servicing and Maintenance of Scientific Equipment, 5-8 Nov 2002
2nd European Symposium on Clinical, 6-7 Feb 2003
Green Solvents for Catalysis, 13-16 Oct 2002

Conference Calendar of IUPAC-sponsored events

Who Are You?

The American Chemical Society manages for IUPAC the largest subset of subscribers to Chemistry International, including 3650 affiliate members, i.e., about half the readership. Each year, ACS produces an interesting demographic report, which indeed should tell us more about who you are. The data include age group, year of service, major and degree, field of interest, nature of the business, job title, and activity. Overall the readership is evenly distributed with about 20% in each of the following age groups: 30 and younger, 31-40, 41-50, 51-60, and 61+.

There is no way to tell if the youngest are those who joined most recently, but regardless, it is encouraging to see, for instance, that in 2001 alone, 684 affiliates joined the program, and in 2000, 733 joined. Roughly, 75% majored in chemistry and 5% majored in engineering, 40% have a PhD, 10% have a Masters, and 35% a Bachelors.

According to the survey, the top 5 fields of interest are medicine/pharma (for 12%), analytical (11%), organic (10%), environmental (7%), and education (6%), while 18% of you are working in University or college and 25% are in a manufacturing business. The second half of the subscribers includes 30% from Europe, 9% from the Pacific Rim and Far East, 6% from Canada and South and Latin America, and 5% from the Middle East region and Africa. For more numbers, visit <>.

Fabienne Meyers
[email protected]

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