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Chemistry International
Vol. 24, No. 6
November 2002


Highlights from Pure and Applied Chemistry

Potentiometric Selectivity Coefficients of Ion-Selective Electrodes

Part II. Inorganic Anions (IUPAC Technical Report)
by Y. Umezawa, K. Umezawa, P. Bühlmann, N. Hamada, H. Aoki, J. Nakanishi, M. Sato, K. P. Xiao, and Y. Nishimura
Pure and Applied Chemistry, Vol. 74, No. 6, pp. 923-994 (2002)

Part III. Organic Ions (IUPAC Technical Report)
by Y. Umezawa, P. Bühlmann, K. Umezawa, and N. Hamada
Pure and Applied Chemistry, Vol. 74, No. 6, pp. 995-1099 (2002)

An earlier IUPAC data compilation of potentiometric selectivity coefficients, K(A,B)pot, for ion-selective electrodes (ISEs) was published in 1979 (Pure Appl. Chem. 51, 1913-1980 [1979]). It covered data reported from 1966 to 1977 and was later followed by another extensive compilation of such data in a handbook from CRC Press (Y. Umezawa [ed.], Handbook of Ion-Selective Electrodes: Selectivity Coefficients, CRC Press, Boca Raton, FL [1990]). The latter covered most of the K(A,B)pot data reported from 1966 to 1988. An updated compilation produced in 1998 was limited to a number of particularly selective ionophores (P. Bühlmann et al., Chem. Rev. 98, 1593-1687 [1998]). Very recently, a data compilation of selectivity coefficients for ionophore-based cation-selective electrodes was published as part I of this series (Pure Appl. Chem. 72, 1851-2082 [2000]).

These two most recent reports compile the latest K(A,B)pot data for liquid-membrane ISEs for inorganic-anions (part II) and organic ions (part III) based on neutral and charged ionophores, reported between 1989 and the end of 1998. Moreover, this new compilation also contains some older data that had not been included in the CRC handbook. The presented K(A,B)pot data are listed together with the methods and conditions for their determinations; also tabulated are response slopes, linear concentration (activity) ranges, chemical compositions, and ionophore structures for the corresponding ISE membranes. Selectivity coefficients can be measured with different methods that fall into two main groups, namely (1) mixed solution methods, and (2) separate solution methods. The details of the definition of each method have been briefly discussed in the first part of this series.


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