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Macromol. Symp., Vol. 214, 2004, pp. 1-379

Macromolecules & Materials Science

6th Annual UNESCO School & IUPAC Conference on Macromolecules & Materials Science,
Berg-en-Dal (South Africa), April 2003



Preface, H. Pasch

  1. Persistence Length of Cartilage Aggrecan Macromolecules Measured via Atomic Force Microscopy, 1
    Laurel Ng, Alan J. Grodzinsky, John Sandy, Anna Plaas, Christine Ortiz*
  2. Polymer Morphology: A Guide to Macromolecular Self-Organization, 5
    D. C. Bassett
  3. Crazing and Fracture in Polymers: Micro-Mechanisms and Effect of Molecular Variables, 17
    H. H. Kausch,* J.-L. Halary, C. J. G. Plummer
  4. Environmental Stress Cracking of Polymers Monitored by Fatigue Crack Growth Experiments, 31
    Volker Altstaedt,* Sven Keiter, Michael Renner, Alois Schlarb
  5. Toughness Enhancement of Nanostructured Amorphous and Semicrystalline Polymers, 47
    Georg H. Michler,* Rameshwar Adhikari, Sven Henning
  6. Nanostructures and Functionalities in Polymer Thin Films, 73
    Manfred Stamm,* Sergiy Minko,* Igor Tokarev, Amir Fahmi, Denys Usov
  7. Structure-Property Relationships in Rubber-Modified Styrenic Polymers, 85
    Walter Heckmann,* Graham Edmund McKee, Falko Ramsteiner
  8. Microdeformation in Heterogeneous Polymers, Revealed by Electron Microscopy, 97
    Christopher J. G. Plummer,* Philippe Béguelin, Chrystelle Grein, Rudolph Gensler, Laure Dupuits, Cedric Gaillard, Pierre Stadelmann, Hans-Henning Kausch, Jan-Anders E. Månson
  9. Morphology and Properties of Particulate Filled Polymers, 115
    Béla Pukánszky,* János Móczó
  10. Morphology and Properties of Poly(oxymethylene) Engineering Plastics, 135
    Tatiana Sukhanova,* Vladimir Bershtein, Mimi Keating, Galina Matveeva, Milana Vylegzhanina, Victor Egorov, Nina Peschanskaya, Pavel Yakushev, Edmund Flexman, Stefan Greulich, Bryan Sauer, Kathleen Schodt
  11. Linear Viscoelasticity and Non-Linear Elasticity of Block Copolymer Blends Used as Soft Adhesives, 147
    Alexandra Roos, Costantino Creton*
  12. Micromechanical Mechanisms for Toughness Enhancement in b-Modified Polypropylene, 157
    Sven Henning, Rameshwar Adhikari, Goerg H. Michler,* Francisco J. Baltá Calleja, József Karger-Kocsis
  13. Morphology and Micromechanical Behaviour of SBS Block Copolymer Systems, 173
    R. Adhikari, R. Godehardt, W. Lebek, S. Goerlitz, G. H. Michler,* K. Knoll
  14. Conductive Composite Materials of Polyethylene and Polypyrrole with High Modulus and High Strength, 197
    Dan Zhu, Yuezhen Bin, Kumiko Oishi, Yasuyuki Fukuda, Takahiro Nakaoki, Masaru Matsuo*
  15. Use of the Surfmer 11-(Methacryloyloxy)undecanylsulfate MET as a Comonomer in Polystyrene and Poly(methyl methacrylate), 217
    P. C. Hartmann, A. Pienaar,* H. Pasch,* R. D. Sanderson
  16. Strain-Controlled Tensile Deformation Behavior and Relaxation Properties of Isotactic Poly(1-butene) and Its Ethylene Copolymers, 231
    Mahmoud Al-Hussein, Gert Strobl*
  17. Technology and Stress Relaxation of Biaxially Oriented Polyolefin Shrink Films, 241
    Arthur Bobovitch,* Yakov Unigovski, Albert Jarashneli, Emmanuel M. Gutman
  18. Failure Envelope Curves in Polyethylene Solids, 251
    Koh-hei Nitta,* Takashi Ishiburo
  19. Thermal Oxidation and Its Relation to Chemiluminescence from Polyolefins and Polyamides, 261
    Lyda Matisová-Rychlá,* Jozef Rychlý, P. Tiemblo, J. M. Gómez-Elvira, M. Elvira
  20. Influence of Reactive Compatibilization on the Morphology of Polypropylene/Polystyrene Blends, 279
    J. Pionteck,* P. Pötschke, U. Schulze, N. Proske, A. Kaya, H. Zhao, H. Malz
  21. Side Chain Extension of Polypropylene by Aliphatic Diamine and Isocyanate, 289
    K. Y. Kim, S. C. Kim*
  22. New Approaches for the Development of Highly Stable Polypropylene, 299
    Minoru Terano,* Boping Liu, Hisayuki Nakatani
  23. Structure, Dynamics and Properties of Materials with Polymers Having Complex Architectures, 307
    Tadeusz Pakula
  24. Morphology and Temperature Phase Transitions in a,w-Alkanediols with Different Chain Lengths, 317
    Vyacheslav Marikhin,* Victor Egorov, Elena Ivan'kova, Liubov Myasnikova, Elena Radovanova, Boris Volchek, Darya Medvedeva, Alan Jonas
  25. Synthesis, Characterization and Properties of Novel Poly(Ester-Amide-Urethane)s, 339
    Shahram Mehdipour-Ataei,* Parvin Einollahy
  26. Self-Diffusion of PEO-Modified Paclitaxel in Aqueous Solution: Hydrodynamic Properties, 351
    Michael Hess,* Manfred Zähres, Byung-Wook Jo
  27. The Use of Pressure-Volume-Temperature Measurements in Polymer Science, 361
    Michael Hess

* Asterisks indicate the name(s) of the author(s) to whom inquiries should be addressed.

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