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 Pure Appl. Chem. Vol. 54, No. 10 (1982)

Pure and Applied Chemistry

Vol. 54, Issue 10

Sixth International Conference on Physical Organic Chemistry

Fourth International Symposium on Marine Natural Products

Sixth International Conference on Physical Organic Chemistry, Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium, 11-16 July 1982

Welcome Address
A. Bruylants
p. iv [full text - pdf 30 kB]

Ion-pair extraction as a tool for the study of mechanisms of reactions related to phase transfer catalysis
A. Brandstrom
p. 1769 [full text - pdf 299 kB]

The nonclassical ion problem - twenty years later
H. C. Brown
p. 1783 [full text - pdf 301 kB]

Organic reactions in highly aqueous binaries
J. B. F. N. Engberts
p. 1797 [full text - pdf 279 kB]

Reactivity control in membrane mimetic systems
J. H. Fendler
p. 1809 [full text - pdf 269 kB]

Chemical basis of biological specificity
A. R. Fersht
p. 1819 [full text - pdf 151 kB]

Chemical reactivity theory - its pragmatism and beyond
K. Fukui
p. 1825 [full text - pdf 266 kB]

A mathematical model for concerted proton transfer in the hydrolysis of ethylphenylbenzaldehyde acetals
G. Lamaty and C. Menut
p. 1837 [full text - pdf 358 kB]

Mechanism of oxygen transfer from peroxo species
F. Di Furia and G. Modena
p. 1853 [full text - pdf 316 kB]

Solvent effects on chemical reactivity
C. Reichardt
p. 1867 [full text - pdf 506 kB]

Exciplex and radical pairs in photochemical electron transfer
A. Weller
p. 1885 [full text - pdf 97 kB]

Metal ions in biological catalysts
R. J. P. Williams
p. 1889 [full text - pdf 363 kB]

Fourth International Symposium on Marine Natural Products, Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain, 26-30 July 1982

Marine natural products: the past twenty years and beyond
R. K. Okuda, D. Klein, R. B. Kinnel, M. Li and P. J. Scheuer
p. 1907 [full text - pdf 224 kB]

The synthesis of pacifigorgiol
M. Martin and J. Clardy
p. 1915 [full text - pdf 101 kB]

Toxins, anticancer agents, and tumor promoters from marine prokaryotes
R. E. Moore
p. 1919 [full text - pdf 398 kB]

Steroidal glycosides from starfishes
L. Minale, C. Pizza, R. Riccio and F. Zollo
p. 1935 [full text - pdf 418 kB]

Potential use of marine microorganisms for antibiotics and enzyme production
Y. Okami
p. 1951 [full text - pdf 274 kB]

Biomedical potential of the sea
P. N. Kaul
p. 1963 [full text - pdf 308 kB]

Recent progress in marine toxin research
Y. Shimizu
p. 1973 [full text - pdf 180 kB]

Biologically active compounds from coelenterates
L. Beress
p. 1981 [full text - pdf 370 kB]

Recent research in marine natural products from the Red Sea
Y. Kashman, A. Groweiss, S. Carmely, Z. Kinamoni, D. Czarkie and M. Rotem
p. 1995 [full text - pdf 509 kB]

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