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 Pure Appl. Chem. Vol. 54, No. 12 (1982)

Pure and Applied Chemistry

Vol. 54, Issue 12

Eighth International Conference on Non-Aqueous Solutions

Thirteenth International Symposium on the Chemistry of Natural Products

IUPAC Recommendations on Nomenclature and Symbols and Technical Reports from Commissions

Eighth International Conference on Non-Aqueous Solutions, Nantes, France, 19-23 July 1982

P. V. Huong
p. iv [full text - pdf 26 kB]

Thermodynamics, kinetics, and mechanisms of solvation, solvolysis, and substitution in non-aqueous media
M. J. Blandamer and J. Burgess
p. 2285 [full text - pdf 253 kB]

NMR and solvation of ions in non-aqueous solvents
H. G. Hertz
p. 2297 [full text - pdf 678 kB]

EXAFS spectroscopy of coordination complexes in non-aqueous solutions
J. Goulon and C. Goulon-Ginet
p. 2307 [full text - pdf 179 kB]

Preferential solvation of ions and solvent transport
D. Feakins, R. O'Neill and E. Waghorne
p. 2317 [full text - pdf 160 kB]

Solvent extraction by selective ion solvation
Y. Marcus
p. 2327 [full text - pdf 177 kB]

The role of solvent reorganization in proton transfer and nucleophilic addition reactions
C. F. Bernasconi
p. 2335 [full text - pdf 295 kB]

Micellar solutions and lipid vesicles
C. Tanford
p. 2349 [full text - pdf 303 kB]

Thallium-205 NMR studies of the Tl(I) ion complexation by gramicidin in non-aqueous and micelle solutions
J. F. Hinton, G. L. Turner, G. Young and K. R. Metz
p. 2359 [full text - pdf 179 kB]

Artificial photosynthesis, light driven electron transfer processes in organized molecular assemblies and colloidal semiconductors
M. Gratzel
p. 2369 [full text - pdf 301 kB]

Solubility and transport phenomena in perfluorochemicals relevant to blood substitution and other biomedical applications
J. G. Riess and M. Le Blanc
p. 2383 [full text - pdf 635 kB]

Thirteenth International Symposium on the Chemistry of Natural Products, Pretoria, Republic of South Africa, 2-6 August 1982

Biologically active peptides and their mass spectra
K. L. Rinehart Jr., J. C. Cook Jr., R. C. Pandey, L. A. Gaudioso, H. Meng, M. L. Moore, J. B. Gloer, G. R. Wilson, R. E. Gutowsky, P. D. Zierath, L. S. Shield, L. H. Li, H. E. Renis, J. P. McGovren and P. G. Canonico
p. 2409 [full text - pdf 388 kB]

The DENDRAL project: computational aids to natural products structure elucidation
C. Djerassi, D. H. Smith, C. W. Crandell, N. A. B. Gray, J. G. Nourse and M. R. Lindley
p. 2425 [full text - pdf 364 kB]

On membrane phospholipids and protein-lipid association
L. L. M. van Deenen, J. A. F. Op den Kamp, B. Roelofsen and K. W. A. Wirtz
p. 2443 [full text - pdf 387 kB]

Synthetic control leading to natural products
T. Mukaiyama
p. 2455 [full text - pdf 230 kB]

Structure and function in the biomimetic synthesis of linear, angular and branched condensed tannins
D. G. Roux and D. Ferreira
p. 2465 [full text - pdf 314 kB]

Chemical communication in insects: background and application
R. M. Silverstein
p. 2479 [full text - pdf 205 kB]

Functional significance of flexibility in proteins
R. Huber and W. S. Bennett, Jr.
p. 2489 [full text - pdf 403 kB]

Nyctinastenes - an approach to new phytohormones
H. Schildknecht and K. Schumacher
p. 2501 [full text - pdf 388 kB]

On the conformations of lactone rings
N. L. Allinger
p. 2515 [full text - pdf 183 kB]

Studies in plant tissue culture: potential sources of clinically important antitumor agents
J. P. Kutney
p. 2523 [full text - pdf 303 kB]

Studies on the total synthesis of streptogramin antibiotics: griseoviridin and madumycin (A-2315A)
A. I. Meyers, J. Lawson, R. A. Amos, D. G. Walker and R. F. Spohn
p. 2537 [full text - pdf 186 kB]

IUPAC Recommendations on Nomenclature and Symbols and Technical Reports from Commissions

Nomenclature of inorganic chemistry. II.2 - The nomenclature of hydrides of nitrogen and derived cations, anions, and ligands
Commission on Nomenclature of Inorganic Chemistry
J. Chatt
p. 2545 [full text - pdf 156 kB]

Recommendations on use of the term amplification reactions
Commission on Analytical Reactions and Reagents
R. Belcher and W. I. Stephen
p. 2553 [full text - pdf 64 kB]

Critical evaluation of equilibrium constants involving acetylacetone and its metal chelates
Commission on Equilibrium Data
J. Stary and J. O. Liljenzin
p. 2557 [full text - pdf 541 kB]

Critical evaluation of some equilibrium constants involving acidic organophosphorus extractants
Commission on Equilibrium Data
Z. Kolarik
p. 2593 [full text - pdf 4358 kB]

Guidelines for the determination of stability constants
Commission on Equilibrium Data
G. H. Nancollas and M. B. Tomson
p. 2675 [full text - pdf 257 kB]

Critical survey of stability constants of NTA complexes
Commission on Equilibrium Data
G. Anderegg
p. 2693 [full text - pdf 1007 kB]

Standard methods for the analysis of oils, fats and derivatives, 6th Edition. 1st Supplement: Part 6 (1982). Section II, Oils and fats. Section III, Glycerines
Commission on Oils, Fats and Derivatives
A. Hautfenne
p. 2759 [full text - pdf 756 kB]

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