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 Pure Appl. Chem. Vol. 58, No. 1 (1986)

Pure and Applied Chemistry

Vol. 58, Issue 1

Fifth International Symposium on Novel Aromatic Compounds

Fifth International Symposium on Novel Aromatic Compounds, University of St. Andrews, Scotland, UK, 15-19 July 1985

P. J. Garratt
p. iv [full text - pdf 59 kB]

Metal complexes of [2n]cyclophanes and their mixed valence ions
V. Boekelheide
p. 1 [full text - pdf 127 kB]

Novel polycyclic conjugated compounds containing eight-membered ring: on the aromaticity of [4n]annuleno[4n]annulenes
M. Oda
p. 7 [full text - pdf 210 kB]

A fusion of metals, cyclophanes and dihydropyrenes
R. H. Mitchell, T. K. Vinod, G. J. Bodwell, K. S. Weerawarna, W. Anker, R. Vaughan Williams and G. W. Bushnell
p. 15 [full text - pdf 287 kB]

Multi-electron (12p-20p) pericyclic processes
H. Prinzbach and L. Knothe
p. 25 [full text - pdf 541 kB]

A probe for substituent hyperconjugative power: MCD (magnetic circular dichroism) of the benzene Lb band
G. H. Weeks, W. Adcock, K. A. Klingensmith, J. W. Waluk, R. West, M. Vasak, J. Downing and J. Michl
p. 39 [full text - pdf 469 kB]

Synthetic and NMR spectroscopic investigations of fulvenes and fulvalenes
M. Neuenschwander
p. 55 [full text - pdf 275 kB]

Cruciaromaticity in organometallic compounds
M. J. S. Dewar, E. F. Healy and J. Ruiz
p. 67 [full text - pdf 200 kB]

Benzyne and related systems: an ab initio molecular orbital approach
L. Radom, R. H. Nobes, D. J. Underwood and Wai-Kee Li
p. 75 [full text - pdf 230 kB]

Cyclobutadiene radical cations and 2-azapyrylium ions
Q. B. Broxterman, H. Hogeveen and R. F. Kingma
p. 89 [full text - pdf 123 kB]

From silabenzene to cyclopropenylidene
G. Maier
p. 95 [full text - pdf 249 kB]

Cyclic homoconjugation in neutral organic molecules
L. T. Scott
p. 105 [full text - pdf 127 kB]

Structure, energetics and homoaromaticity
R. F. Childs, M. Mahendran, S. D. Zweep, G. S. Shaw, S. K. Chadda, N. A. D. Burke, B. E. George, R. Faggiani and C. J. L. Lock
p. 111 [full text - pdf 421 kB]

Comparative molecular orbital study of the lower annulenes
R. C. Haddon
p. 129 [full text - pdf 106 kB]

p-Orbital conjugation and rehybridization in bridged annulenes and deformed molecules in general: p-orbital axis vector analysis
R. C. Haddon and L. T. Scott
p. 137 [full text - pdf 91 kB]

The synthesis and characterisation of cyclazines and related N-bridged annulenes
D. Leaver
p. 143 [full text - pdf 660 kB]

N-Bridged annulenes
W. Flitsch
p. 153 [full text - pdf 486 kB]

Synthesis and reactions of Dewar furans (5-oxabicyclo[2.1.0]pent-2-enes)
R. N. Warrener, R. A. Russell and I. G. Pitt
p. 161 [full text - pdf 444 kB]

Novel p-structures via electron transfer processes - from spectroscopy to synthesis
K. Mullen
p. 177 [full text - pdf 211 kB]

High-spin polycarbenes as models for organic ferromagnets
H. Iwamura
p. 187 [full text - pdf 237 kB]

Electron rich 10p and 14p heteroaromatic systems
J. L. Morris and C. W. Rees
p. 197 [full text - pdf 277 kB]

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