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 Pure Appl. Chem. Vol. 58, No. 4 (1986)

Pure and Applied Chemistry

Vol. 58, Issue 4

Twelfth International Conference on Organometallic Chemistry

Twelfth International Conference on Organometallic Chemistry, Vienna, Austria, 9-13 September 1985

The close ties between organometallic chemistry, surface science, and the solid state
R. Hoffmann, S. D. Wijeyesekera and Shen-shu Sung
p. 481 [full text - pdf 374 kB]

Olefin complexes of organylmetals as models for organometallic catalysts
H. Lehmkuhl
p. 495 [full text - pdf 207 kB]

Tin(II) compounds as synthetic control elements in organic synthesis
T. Mukaiyama
p. 505 [full text - pdf 169 kB]

Transition metal NMR spectroscopy - a probe into organometallic structure and catalysis
W. von Philipsborn
p. 513 [full text - pdf 266 kB]

Synthetic and structural studies on metal cluster compounds
F. G. A. Stone
p. 529 [full text - pdf 172 kB]

Di-Grignard reagents and metallacycles
F. Bickelhaupt
p. 537 [full text - pdf 119 kB]

Metal carbonyl clusters: thermodynamics of their formation and stability. Some novel results on cobalt, rhodium, ruthenium, and mixed clusters
G. Bor
p. 543 [full text - pdf 219 kB]

Some reactions of transition metal complexes containing unsaturated ligands with M-C(sp) or M-C(sp2) bonds
M. I. Bruce
p. 553 [full text - pdf 160 kB]

Carbonyl complexes of late transition elements: atypical M-CO bonds
F. Calderazzo and D. B. Dell'Amico
p. 561 [full text - pdf 87 kB]

The chemistry of heterometallic carbidocarbonyl clusters
S. P. Gubin
p. 567 [full text - pdf 679 kB]

Free radical mechanisms in organometallic and bioorganometallic chemistry
J. Halpern
p. 575 [full text - pdf 155 kB]

Unconventional multiple bonds: coordination compounds of unstable Vth main group ligands
G. Huttner
p. 585 [full text - pdf 308 kB]

The effect of transition metal benzyl and propargyl species on the behavior of steroidal hormones
G. Jaouen
p. 597 [full text - pdf 475 kB]

Organometallic polymers
C. U. Pittman, Jr. and M. D. Rausch
p. 617 [full text - pdf 152 kB]

Some highly sterically hindered organosilicon compounds
J. D. Smith
p. 623 [full text - pdf 173 kB]

New application of organoboron compounds in organic synthesis
A. Suzuki
p. 629 [full text - pdf 219 kB]

Pentacoordinated tetraorganotin and silicon compounds - synthesis and structures
A. Tzschach and K. Jurkschat
p. 639 [full text - pdf 467 kB]

Some new developments in aryl-gold and aryl-platinum chemistry
R. Uson
p. 647 [full text - pdf 153 kB]

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