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 Pure Appl. Chem. Vol. 58, No. 8 (1986)

Pure and Applied Chemistry

Vol. 58, Issue 8

Tenth International Conference on Nonaqueous Solutions

Tenth International Conference on Nonaqueous Solutions, Leuven, Belgium, 17-21 August 1986

Dielectric properties of nonaqueous electrolyte solutions
J. Barthel and R. Buchner
p. 1077 [full text - pdf 369 kB]

Current trends in electrochemical studies of nonaqueous solutions
J. F. Coetzee
p. 1091 [full text - pdf 300 kB]

Dynamics of solute-solvent interactions
L. C. M. De Maeyer
p. 1105 [full text - pdf 224 kB]

Infrared investigations of biologically important hydrogen bonds in halogen containing solvents
C. Sandorfy, R. Buchet, L. S. Lussier, P. Menassa and L. Wilson
p. 1115 [full text - pdf 142 kB]

Infrared and NMR studies of probes in binary solvent systems
M. C. R. Symons
p. 1121 [full text - pdf 554 kB]

Spectroscopic studies of the structure of carbanionic species in nonaqueous solutions: Identification of reactive intermediates
J. Corset
p. 1133 [full text - pdf 498 kB]

Chemistry in nitric acid solutions
N. Logan
p. 1147 [full text - pdf 141 kB]

Solvation and complex formation in strongly solvating solvents
I. Persson
p. 1153 [full text - pdf 244 kB]

Interpretation of conductance studies on nonaqueous solutions of unsymmetrical electrolytes
A. D. Pethybridge
p. 1163 [full text - pdf 209 kB]

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