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 Pure Appl. Chem. Vol. 58, No. 12 (1986)

Pure and Applied Chemistry

Vol. 58, Issue 12

Second International Symposium on Solubility Phenomena

29th Microsymposium on Macromolecules 'Synthetic Polymeric Membranes'

IUPAC Recommendations on Nomenclature and Symbols and Technical Reports from Commissions

Second International Symposium on Solubility Phenomena, Newark, New Jersey, USA, 12-15 August 1986

Gas solubilities in molten salts and silicates
T. Yokokawa
p. 1547 [full text - pdf 120 kB]

Polymer-polymer miscibility
S. Krause
p. 1553 [full text - pdf 243 kB]

Phase equilibria in fluid mixtures at high pressures
C. L. Young
p. 1561 [full text - pdf 235 kB]

Thermodynamics of liquid/liquid distribution
E. Tomlinson, W. Riebesehl and H. J. M. Grunbauer
p. 1573 [full text - pdf 237 kB]

Mineral solubilities in supercritical H2O solutions
J. V. Walther
p. 1585 [full text - pdf 757 kB]

Theoretical considerations of solubility with emphasis on mixed aqueous electrolytes
K. S. Pitzer
p. 1599 [full text - pdf 265 kB]

29th Microsymposium on Macromolecules 'Synthetic Polymeric Membranes', Prague, Czechoslovakia, 7-10 July 1986

Recent trends in ion exchange membrane research
T. Sata
p. 1613 [full text - pdf 367 kB]

The use of electric current for enhancing the efficiency of pressure-driven membrane processes
Y. I. Dytnerskii
p. 1627 [full text - pdf 293 kB]

Thermal membrane potential and thermoosmosis across charged membranes
M. Tasaka
p. 1637 [full text - pdf 215 kB]

Transport phenomena in ultrafiltration: membrane selectivity and boundary layer phenomena
G. Jonsson
p. 1647 [full text - pdf 284 kB]

Microporous membranes in membrane distillation
E. Drioli, V. Calabro and Y. Wu
p. 1657 [full text - pdf 171 kB]

Development of synthetic membranes for gas and vapor separation
H. Strathman, C.-M. Bell and K. Kimmerle
p. 1663 [full text - pdf 179 kB]

Examination methods for the physicochemical properties of synthetic membranes
W. Pusch
p. 1669 [full text - pdf 378 kB]

IUPAC Recommendations on Nomenclature and Symbols and Technical Reports from Commissions

Atomic weights of the elements 1985
Commission on Atomic Weights and Isotopic Abundances
p. 1677 [full text - pdf 441 kB]

Extension of Rules A-1.1 and A-2.5 concerning numerical terms used in organic chemical nomenclature (Recommendations 1986)
Commission on Nomenclature of Organic Chemistry
N. Lozac'h
p. 1693 [full text - pdf 72 kB]

Structure and physical properties of high-vinyl polybutadiene rubbers and their blends
Commission on Polymer Characterization and Properties
A. Yoshioka, K. Komuro, A. Ueda, H. Watanabe, S. Akita, T. Masuda, and A. Nakajima
p. 1697 [full text - pdf 233 kB]

Determination of chromium in biological materials
Commission on Microchemical Techniques and Trace Analysis
J. M. Ottaway and G. S. Fell
p. 1707 [full text - pdf 262 kB]

Thermodynamic functions of transfer of single ions from water to nonaqueous and mixed solvents: Part 4 - The selection of extra thermodynamic assumptions
Commission on Electroanalytical Chemistry
Y. Marcus
p. 1721 [full text - pdf 292 kB]

Quantities and units in clinical chemistry: Nebulizer and flame properties in flame emission and absorption spectrometry (Recommendations 1986)
Commission on Quantities and Units in Clinical Chemistry
R. Herrmann and C. Onkelinx
p. 1737 [full text - pdf 123 kB]

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