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 Pure Appl. Chem. Vol. 60, No. 5 (1988)

Pure and Applied Chemistry

Vol. 60, Issue 5

Eighth International Symposium on Plasma Chemistry

Eighth International Symposium on Plasma Chemistry, Tokyo, Japan, 31 August-4 September 1987

Control and diagnostics of reactive plasma by photochemical and photoionization techniques
I. Tanaka
p. 587 [full text - pdf 541 kB]

Thermal plasma processing in the nineties
E. Pfender
p. 591 [full text - pdf 578 kB]

Plasma deposition and properties of composite metal/polymer and metal/hard carbon films
H. Biederman, L. Martinu, D. Slavinska and I. Chudacek
p. 607 [full text - pdf 704 kB]

Industrial-worthy plasma torches: State-of-the-art
S. L. Camacho
p. 619 [full text - pdf 383 kB]

Plasma deposition of amorphous silicon films: an overview on some open questions
P. Capezzuto and G. Bruno
p. 633 [full text - pdf 444 kB]

Mechanism of the ozone formations in a near liquid nitrogen temperature medium pressure glow discharge positive column
J.-S. Chang and S. Masuda
p. 645 [full text - pdf 183 kB]

Particle heating in a thermal plasma
X. Chen
p. 651 [full text - pdf 413 kB]

Impulse corona simulation for flue gas treatment
I. Gallimberti
p. 663 [full text - pdf 411 kB]

Diagnostics of thermal plasma
V. Helbig
p. 675 [full text - pdf 314 kB]

Inductively coupled plasmas in analytical atomic spectrometry: excitation mechanisms and analytical feasibilities
H. Haraguchi,T. Hasegawa and M. Abdullah
p. 685 [full text - pdf 327 kB]

Plasma polymerization of unsaturated alcohols for deposition of hydrophilic thin film
K. Hozumi
p. 697 [full text - pdf 651 kB]

Plasma and gaseous etching of compounds of Groups III-V
D. E. Ibbotson
p. 703 [full text - pdf 460 kB]

Processing of a thermal plasma flow in a tube
A. Kanzawa
p. 709 [full text - pdf 551 kB]

High Tc superconducting oxide films prepared by sputtering
H. Koinuma
p. 715 [full text - pdf 494 kB]

Plasma reactors for process metallurgy applications
D. R. MacRae
p. 721 [full text - pdf 397 kB]

Pulse corona induced plasma chemical process: a horizon of new plasma chemical technologies
S. Masuda
p. 727 [full text - pdf 277 kB]

Amorphous Si and Si-based alloys from glow-discharge plasma
A. Matsuda
p. 733 [full text - pdf 298 kB]

Behaviour of NOx in air-fed ozonizers
D. Braun, U. Kuchler and G. Pietsch
p. 741 [full text - pdf 397 kB]

Excited states of plasmas for steel surface nitriding and TiN deposition
A. Ricard, G. Henrion, H. Michel and M. Gantois
p. 747 [full text - pdf 338 kB]

Mechanisms of decomposition of hydrocarbons in electrical discharges
D. I. Slovetsky
p. 753 [full text - pdf 423 kB]

Diagnostics and control of low pressure plasmas for the chemical vapor deposition (CVD) of amorphous semiconductor and insulator films
p. 769 [full text - pdf 505 kB]

Ionized cluster beam (ICB) deposition and processes
T. Takagi
p. 781 [full text - pdf 466 kB]

Expanding plasma used for plasma deposition
G. M. W. Kroesen, C. J. Timmermans and D. C. Schram
p. 795 [full text - pdf 443 kB]

Arc discharge and electrode phenomena
M. Ushio
p. 809 [full text - pdf 443 kB]

Effect of frequency from 'low frequency' to microwave on the plasma deposition of thin films
M. R. Wertheimer, M. Moisan, J. E. Klemberg-Sapieha and R. Claude
p. 815 [full text - pdf 443 kB]

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