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 Pure Appl. Chem. Vol. 60, No. 12 (1988)

Pure and Applied Chemistry

Vol. 60, Issue 12

Nineteenth International Conference on Solution Chemistry

8th International Symposium on Solute-Solute-Solvent Interactions

Nineteenth International Conference on Solution Chemistry, Lund, Sweden, 15-18 August 1988

Complexation of noble transition metals in liquid ammonia
J. C. Dougal, P. Gans, J. B. Gill and L. H. Johnson
p. 1731 [full text - pdf 758 kB]

Recent aspects of single ion transfer properties
G. Gritzner
p. 1743 [full text - pdf 1138 kB]

Structural, bonding and mechanistic rearrangement information on transition metal carbonyl clusters from multinuclear magnetic resonance studies
B. T. Heaton
p. 1757 [full text - pdf 330 kB]

Room temperature haloaluminate ionic liquids. Novel solvents for transition metal solution chemistry
C. L. Hussey
p. 1763 [full text - pdf 572 kB]

Determination of structures of complexes in solution from X-ray diffraction data
G. Johansson
p. 1773 [full text - pdf 1043 kB]

Recent developments in solvation and dynamics of the lanthanide(III) ions
C. Cossy and A. E. Merbach
p. 1785 [full text - pdf 697 kB]

Diffraction studies of aqueous electrolyte solutions
G. W. Neilson
p. 1797 [full text - pdf 551 kB]

Sequestering agents specific for high oxidation state cations
K. N. Raymond and T. M. Garrett
p. 1807 [full text - pdf 605 kB]

Nuclear reorganization barriers to electron transfer
N. Sutin, B. S. Brunschwig, C. Creutz and J. R. Winkler
p. 1817 [full text - pdf 840 kB]

Solution chemistry and corrosion
N.-G. Vannerberg
p. 1831 [full text - pdf 1549 kB]

8th International Symposium on Solute-Solute-Solvent Interactions (Regensburg, FRG, 9-14 August 1987) not published previously with other lectures in Pure Appl. Chem., Vol. 59, No. 9, September 1987

Non-equilibrium behavior of small carbohydrate-water systems
L. Slade and H. Levine
p. 1841 [full text - pdf 2273 kB]

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