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Provisional Recommendations

Analytical Chemistry Division

Guidelines for Potentiometric Measurements in Suspensions - Practical pH Measurements in Soil

The measured cell potentials for suspension potentiometric cells have been interpreted and explained by a detailed analysis of the schemes for these cells (Part A). Some former disagreements amongst investigations have been clarified. A new unambiguous operational definition of the Suspension Effect is presented. It is defined as the difference in cell potential for two suspension potentiometric cells, one with both electrodes in the separated equilibrium solution and the other with both electrodes in the sediment or suspension. This potential difference is the sum of the change in the indicator electrode potential and the change in the liquid junction potential of the reference electrode, when the electrodes are used for measurement, once in the sediment of the suspension and then in its equilibrium solution.

> Download full text of the Provisional Recommendations (pdf file - 795KB) [refresh pdf 8 June 2006]

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Prof. Srecko F. Oman
University of Ljubljana
Department of Physical Chemistry
Askerceva 5
P.O. Box 537
SL-1001 Ljubljana,

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FAX: +[386] 1 241 94 37
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