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Subcommittee on
Electronic Data Standards

(successor to JCAMP-DX, the Joint Committee on Atomic and Molecular Physical data and the group Data eXchange)

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Herding AnIMLs
(CI Nov 2007)

Dr. Tony Davies
Dr. Peter Lampen

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Current Projects
- Data exchange standard for near infrared spectra and general spectroscopic calibration data types [project #2002-020-2-024]

- ... other CPEP projects

Recent Publications
- Herding AnIMLs: Update on the IUPAC and ASTM Collaboration on Analytical Data Standards, by Tony Davies
Chem. Int. Nov-Dec 2007, p. 21

- JCAMP-DX for electron magnetic resonance (EMR) (IUPAC Recommendations 2006)
Pure Appl. Chem. 78(3), 613-631, 2006

- Spectroscopic Data: The Quest for a Universal Format, by Robert Lancashire and Tony Davies
Chem. Int. Jan-Feb 2006, p. 10 - see the many links inside!

- JCAMP-DX. A standard format for the exchange of ion mobility spectrometry data (IUPAC Recommendations 2001)
Pure Appl. Chem. 73(11), 1765-1782, 2001

- Guidelines for the representation of pulse sequences for solution-state nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometry (IUPAC Recommendations 2001)
Pure Appl. Chem. 73(11), 1749-1764, 2001

- An Extension to the JCAMP-DX Standard File Format, JCAMP-DX V.5.01 (IUPAC Recommendations 1999)
Pure Appl. Chem., 71(8), 1549-1556, 1999


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> Tony Davies Column in Spectroscopy Europe

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