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Franzosini Award 

Analytical Chemistry Division (V)


The Franzosini Award is given to a promising young contributor to the Solubility Data Project (SDP) to help them attend, in even years, the International Symposium on Solubility Phenomena (ISSP) and, in odd years, the annual meetings of the Subcommittee on Solubility and Equilibrium Data.

> For more information, contact SSED Chairman

Franzosini Awards
Year Venue Recipient

2006 12th ISSP, Freiberg, Germany Dewen Zeng
(Hunan, China)
[for more, see CI Nov'6 > Wire]
2005 2nd SSED, Portoroz, Slovenia no award
2004 11th ISSP, Aveiro, Portugal Marian Góral
(Wasaw, Poland)
2003 2nd SSED Pirketta Scharlin
(Turku (Finland)
2002 10th ISSP, Varna, Bulgaria Dana E. Knox
(USA) [more]
2001 IUPAC GA,
Brisbane, Australia
Justin Salminen
2000 9th ISSP,
Hammamet, Tunesia

Vladimir Zbranek
(Czech Republic)

> for a list of the earlier awards, see CI Nov 2002


About Franzosini
Paolo Franzosini, professor of Physical Chemistry at the University of Pavia, Italy was an enthusiastic supporter of the Solubility Data Project. He had almost completed Volume 33 of the Solubility Data Series when he died suddenly on 24 January 1985. His colleagues Paolo Ferloni, Alberto Schiraldi, and Giorgio Spinolo efficiently completed the volume. In 1988, Franzosini’s wife, with the encouragement of his colleagues, very generously donated the payments for Volume 33 to the Solubility Data Commission (V.8) to establish the Franzosini Award.

As of 2002, the chair of the new Subcommittee on Solubility and Equilibrium Data (SSED) receives nominations for the award (The capital is held by IUPAC and the IUPAC Secretariat does the accounting.). The recipients of the Franzosini Award are listed in the table above.


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