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Chemical Nomenclature and Structure Representation Division (VIII)
2004-2005 membership


Division Committee

Titular Members

Dr. Alan D. McNaught
President; on ICTNS
Dr. Gerard P. Moss (2002-2005)
Vice President
Dr. Warren H. Powell

Dr. Ture Damhus (2004-2007)
Prof. Richard M. Hartshorn (2004-2007)
Prof. Herbert D. Kaesz (2002-2005); on CCE
Prof. Jaroslav Kahovec (2004-2007)
Dr. Józef Nyitrai (2004-2007)
Dr. Antony Williams (2002-2005)
Dr. Andrey Yerin (2004-2007)

Associate Members

Mr. Jonathan Brecher (2004-2005)
Dr. Stephen Heller (2002-2005)
Dr. Michael Hess (2000-2005)
Prof. Alexander J. Lawson (2002-2005)
Prof. G. Jeffery Leigh (2002-2005)
Dr. Matthew Toussant (2004-2005)

National Representatives

Prof. Rita Hoyos de Rossi (2004-2005)
Prof. Len F. Lindoy (2004-2005)
Prof. Roberto de Barros Faria
Prof. Jiasong He (2002-2005)
Prof. Paolo Righi (2004-2005)
Prof. Chong Shik Chin (2004-2005)
Prof. Jan Reedijk (2004-2005)
Prof. Osman Achmatowicz (2002-2005)
Dr. Martin Ragnar (2004-2005)

Ex Officio

Prof. Richard Cammack (2004-2005)
Joint Commission on Biochemical Nomenclature

(dates indicate the term when first elected as a member of the DIVISION COMMITTEE)

Advisory Subcommittee (of Div VIII)

Dr. Hidetsugu Abe
Prof. Steven M. Bachrach
Dr. Sinéad Boyce
Dr. John Brennan
Dr. Ursula Bünzli-Trepp
Dr. Ilaria Campagnari
Mr. Jeffrey P. Carter
Prof. Neil G. Connelly
Dr. Helen Cooke
Prof. Franco Cozzi
Dr. Kirill Degtyarenko
Dr. Robert J. Donovan
Prof. Bernadette T. Donovan-Merkert
Prof. Andreas Dress
Dr. Geoffrey Fairhurst
Prof. Henri A. Favre
Dr. Piroska Fodor-Csanyi
Dr. Patton M. Giles, Jr.
Dr. Jonathan M. Goodman
Dr. Karl-Heinz Hellwich
Prof. Bernardo Jerosch Herold
Dr. Alan T. Hutton
Dr. Wolf-Dietrich Ihlenfeldt
Prof. Aubrey D. Jenkins
Prof. Alan R. Katritzky
Prof. Risto Sakari Laitinen
Dr. Graham F. McCann
Prof. Paulina Mata
Dr. W. Val Metanomski
Prof. Ebbe Nordlander
Prof. Vincent L. Pecoraro
Prof. C. Dale Poulter
Mr. Hervé Schepers
Dr. Ann Smith
Dr. Stephen Stein
Dr. Keith T. Taylor
Dr. Carlo Thilgen
Dr. Sarah Thomas
Dr. Kevin Thurlow
Dr. William G. Town
Prof. James G. Traynham
Dr. Edward S. Wilks
Dr. Jeffrey Wilson
Dr. Janusz L. Wisniewski
Dr. Shen-Gang Yuan

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> IUBMB-IUPAC Joint Commission on Biochemical Nomenclature (JCBN)

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