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Committee On Chemistry and Industry (COCI)

For those your are coming to the GA/Congress in Ottawa this August 2003 ...

> link to the GA info page, including info booklet and full schedule

> link to the Congress website www.iupac03.org


Important dates relevant to COCI:

> Sat, 9 Aug -- CHEMRAWN Forum: Innovation - from Pure to Applied Chemistry
> Mon, 11 Aug (AM & PM) -- COCI Meeting
> Tue, 12 Aug (AM) -- Joint Meeting with CHEMRAWN
> Tue, 12 Aug (PM) -- Joint Meeting with CHEMRAWN & CCE
> Wed, 13 Aug (PM) -- Workshop on the Safety Training Program
> Fri, 15 Aug (PM) -- WCLM

On the Congress site

> Thu, 14 Aug (AM & PM) -- Congress session CE03, Public Understanding of Chemistry, joint with the CCE
> Fri, 15 Aug (AM) -- Congress session CE06, Presentation and review of DIDAC
> throughout the Congress -- poster session on the Safety Training Program

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